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Black Holes and the Mest Theory

black holes,the material infinity, the light energy, the mest theory, the spatial infinity.

Black holes, if there are any, are material entities having no spacetime or at the best managing their existence with minimum possible spacetime, only as much as matter must need to exist. Black holes, in that sense, are the ghosts of the matter which affect our universe without being observed. They should have their residence, to my understanding, in proximity to the material infinity. (Refer the small scale infinity at www As light always moves in the direction of the spatial infinity, the perfect darkness where no light can emit from or reach down is the black hole. Light, as understood in the mest theory, is the matter traveling at the highest possible speed. Any moving body is not a body of mass but just the force. This force gets converted into a different form of energy once the speed reaches maximum possible level turning matter into mass less, light energy. The light has the minimum possible mass needed for matter or the mest, to exist.

Nothing gets lost in this universe because nothing can get misplaced in the universe. To get lost or misplaced, it needs some spare spacetime. Since there is no such spare or empty spacetime in the universe, nothing can get lost.

If light is at the one infinity, black holes are at the other. If light is the lightest and the fastest form of the mest, then, the perfect darkness viz. black hole is the heaviest and the still most form of the mest. Normally, the matter is not so still and heavy because of the electronic configuration around the nuclei of the atoms. The electrons exist as nearly mass less particles or assumed particles around very dense nuclei of the atoms. The mest of an atom is charged. Black holes or neutron stars are formed when the so called gravitational pull of a massive star is higher than the electronic repulsion created by the exclusion principle. The star, in that condition, collapses into a black hole. It suggests that the mass of a black hole totally lacks or has very small amount of charged particles, the electrons. Meaning, the spacetime of the matter has shrunk or collapsed forming something that has maximum possible mass and the minimum of the spacetime. This is just opposite of the condition of matter transforming into the light energy. In the formation of light the mass of the matter almost disappears in the form of light which occupies large spacetime. In the extremely opposite condition when a black hole forms, the light energy disappears turning the mest into a black hole that occupies minimum space time. But the overall mest in both the conditions remains same.

Nothing is lost.

Published: 2007-05-13

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