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Famine and Obesity

Famine , Obesity , fatness , Hunger , Natural Disaster , Fats


As we peep in the history , we will find that people have their proper way of living life from its very beginning but as the time went by people started changing their Life style . They faced many problems of shortage of food mean famine or abundance in form of obesity. But they have never stopped and went on with the same space.. They used to have their own style , customs ,culture and eating choices With the passage of time and increase in population the demand for food increased and the resources became limited for the average man to get one’s food according to one’s needs . The lack of balanced diet created many problems for people specially the disease of Obesity and it has been spreading fastly in the world . According a well known person many people are suffering from obesity than from hunger as it has become the global problem for the people to get rid of obesity and give normal shape to their body which may be very attractive for onlookers . As the time goes by , the people became the addicted to eating more that’s why have been suffering in the obesity disease .

The war and natural disasters also bring miseries to the people who are his by them . So many people are affected by famine become weak and their required food is not supplied due to high demand . Even in the areas where earthquakes destroy the living into dead . The growth of plants seems impossible there due to debris. If the earth stops giving proper food as needed by the community due such natural disaster , the people just die of hunger . But according to saying, “ the much of the people today die of obesity rather than famine as it has become the most common and dangerous disease and almost the recipe of diseases to grow further . As the obesity contains s unnecessary Fats which help the body grow fat and most of the fat persons suffer from diabetes as it is also common and accompanies with the obesity .

Source : Catherine Geissler; Derek J Oddly Food, diet, and economic change past and present

What is famine ?

In light of above introduction , “ The famine is conisidered as a social and economic crisis which is commonly gathered by the widespread malnutrition or unvailbility of food , starvation, epidemic and it also increases the mortality rate as this hits the certain area of the country or state .

Though many famines coincide with the national or regional shortages of food, famine and has also occurred amid plenty or due to acts of economic or military policy that have really deprived certain populations of sufficient food to ensure survival and live their life . peeping in the pages of history one will find that famines have occurred because of drought, crop failure and pestilence, and because of man-made causes such as war or misguided economic policies. If the pages of history are opened we will find that while in the 20th century,approximately 70 million people died from famines across and aropund the world and this is not the end as , from which about 30 million died during the famine which occurred in china in of 1958–61 .And if other most terrible and horrible famines of the century were the disaster 1942–1945 in Bengal and similraly the famines occurred in China in 1928 and 1942 ther is yet an other series of the man-made famines which hit the Soviet Union hard , including the Holodomor, Stalin's famine occurred in Ukraine in 1932–33 giving huge loss of lives and food items .

If we take into account the most horrible and recent famines , they include the huges famines of the 20th century including those disaster which in occurred in Cambodia during the 1970s and the Ethiopian famine of 1983–85 and the North Korean famine of the 1990s .
The famine can also be caused due to soil erosion and salty water which spoils the roots of the crops and then the earth fails to produce the crop as desired proportion.

What is Obesity ?:

“The Obesity is caused from the excessive accumulation of fat that exceeds the body's skeletal and physical standards”---Catherine Geissler; Derek J Oddy )

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), an increase in 20 percent or more above your ideal body weight is the point at which excess weight becomes a health risk. (Anita Carolina Johanna Ravalli, Prenatal exposure to the Dutch famine and glucose tolerance and obesity at age 50 )

If we analyze today that about 97 million Americans, which are more e than one-third of the adult population, are overweight or obese. And About 5 to 10 million of those are considered morbidly obese which produces a horrible picture of the American only and can be very alarming also .

“ The Obesity becomes "morbid" when it reaches the highest point of significantly increasing the danger of one or more obesity-related health conditions and situations or serious diseases (also called as co-morbidities) that causes either in significant physical disability or even death”.( Yura S, Itoh H, Sagawa N, et al)
“ According to the statement of the National Institutes of Health Consensus Report, morbid obesity is considered to be the serious disease e and it needs tobe treated as such according its problems It is also termed as chronic disease which means that its symptoms build slowly over an n extended period of time as the time goes by the obesity starts increasing due to improper diet”--Yura S, Itoh H, Sagawa N, et al)

Evaluating Famine and Obesity by Technology ,Economics , Politics and Media :

While evaluating between the famine and obesity , we have fallen headlong into a situation of high tech food supply which has really entrapped the whole society no matter what the country someone lives in. If we consider our behavior and the moral basis or values we will find that our actions have not been adapted and considered or given the due weightage to take account of this disease of obesity which has really created problems for the person who is the patient of obesity due to carelessness and usauage of oily things . Mostly the oily and fatty products which are very harmful for our health are supplied at large scale in the market and the people have got used to spicy things and love to eat them all the day.

Thus deviating for 4m the theory of balanced diet and cause problems for themselves. The large scale advertising for the food related items on Television Radio and newspapers has increased the demand for such products in the market and increased the risks of creating the main symptom of obesity in the world . If the obesity of the world is some important countries can be analyzed the following table will show the rate of obesity in the world.

Table : 1.1
United States 10% Finland 16% France 18%
New Zealand 20% Australia 21%
United Kingdom 22% South Africa 28%
Mexico 33% India 51% Pakistan 51%

“ The Obesity is caused both in the West and in developing countries by a combination of factors such as less physical activity or exercise , the abundance of food consumption on improper basis , the unhealthy combination of food, the lack of rules and the uncertainty about which foods are nutritious and healthy which are harmful for health as potatoes and rice are said to have high rate of fates plus the things like sandwiches or other fried sweets are causing this epidemic disease at large scale “------Anita Carolina Johanna Ravelli)
“ In developing countries in particular, in short span of time a shift to more expensive Western eating habits has taken place at large scale , where more animal proteins, sugars and fats are consumed thus increasing the risk factors . While in the economically backward countries where the people are living below the poverty line are facing too much problems for having food for their one time The famine said to be in the African countries where the poverty status is said to be much higher than other countries-“-------- Catherine Geissler; Derek J Oddy
The media has also played a role of spreading this idea in advertisings the health items without the permission form health ministry. Because of unavailability of the health testing rules or at some places the disability of health testing system for food technology and it ingredients. The people used thesis items without considering their hazards thus get hooked to obesity.


In the end, famine and obesity are the big problems and can be rooted out by planning. The obesity is basically a problem in First World countries, where they have become a sick society because of the over freedom and improper use of the food items . Yet they are afraid of facing the root of this illness. Inversely we are giving it band-aided solutions, such as banning vending machines in schools.

“The Obesity is actually only a symptom of a much bigger problem confronting our nation as compared to the famine and starvation which has been the problem of war ravaged countries like Afghanistan and Iraq where the food storage has been finishing and civil war has started which includes loot and plunder in the countries who are in grip of war or facing the economic sanctions or economic losses as compared to the financial tigers”___ Diane T Smelser)

The financial tiger are gripped in the obesity due to improper use of food items and over eating.

Finally the famine cannot be controlled as mostly it is caused bty some natural disaster but rather it has been controlled by taking necessary steps in advance . The famine is worst type of disaster when people die of hunger but inversely the Obesity is the opposite to it as it is caused of unnecessary over eating such as fried things which make the digestive system infective and help to increase the fats in the body .
Published: 2007-03-23
Author: Abdul Rahman Malik

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