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Let us put a full stop to Eve teasing in India

Eve Teasing death of One Kumari Muthuselvi, TN state of India

Eve- teasing: Let us put a full stop! (topic)

It is obvious that fair sex is facing difficulties,much more than his famale counterpart, from birth to death, in this uneven world. Her life is not safe, even in her mother's womb! Eve-teasing, dowry harassment,etc...the list doesnot end!

This is about eve-teasing death of a girl, due to torture meted out to her in a far off town , away from her home,where she had gone for studying.

That teenage girl by name Muthu selvi, was studying in the XI th standard . Some youths had photographed her in their cell camera and were black mailing her. It is said that they were threatening to mix some obscene photographs of women, with Muthuselvi's face and put it in the net. The girl did not realise that the threat was only a hollow one and that it was made only to embarass and blackmail her and nothing more.

Muthuselvi is just one example. Eve-teasing deaths of innocent girls are happening in every part of our country.It is discomforting that even after the enactment of strict laws,by the governments, the menace is continuing.

Muthuselvi was staying at the hostel run for SC/ST community students,at Nagercoil, and studying at the Salvation Army Higher Secondaray School, nearby.Salvation Army is one among the various Pentecost sects of christianity.

What sin has this innocent girl done to lose her life? Before her suicide, the fatherless girl had conveyed to her mother,while at home,in a village, in Tirunelveli District, earlier, about the torture by some youths. Her mother who is an agricultural worker perhaps failed to grab the magnitude of the problem faced by her daughter. She sent back Muthuselvi to the hostel, where she was staying , after consoling her. For the last time of course!

After some days, a dull Muthuselvi, who returned home hanged herself up! Who can console her mother and her only elder brother? It was reported,lately, that some youth had been taken into custody.

If Muthuselvi's father had been alive and happend to be a big shot, he would have probably sent strong men to teach the culprits appropriate lessons and drive them away for ever.

We find poor students falling an easy prey to eve-teasing, more often than well off students, comparatively speaking. Also, for example, if her father was alive and happened to be a higher Police Official, no body would have dared to go near her!

By law, the government should make it mandatory that the youth found to be guility in eve-teasing deaths should be dismissed from the school/college he is studying and also barred from joining any other school/college - even through correspondence. They should not be allowed to join the government services. Their Driving Licenses should also be cancelled permanently.No Bank or Insurance Company should entertain them for opening a Bank account or getting an Insurance Policy. They should not be issued passports, through out their lives. All these punishments should be apart from rigorous imprisonment for a few years. In essence, they should be blacklisted at all levels and made a "zero'!

Then only there will be no more Muthuselvis.

At the other end, the parents should bring up their children , whether male or female, who are would-be teenagers with love, piousness, honesty, patience, confidence and sensitivity to others' mental and physical sufferings. Parents should be a role-model for their children! Then only, there will be no need, for them, to repent in the future. Mind, Parents whose son is in jail,for causing an eve-teasing death, cannot be happy,as well!

Parents of teenage girls should deal with them in a friendly manner and conduct themselves in such a way that their offsprings repose absolute faith in them and convey their sorrows and agonies. Most girls are extroverts but there are introvert girls too. The parents of those girls should be more alert.

So, fear alone can deter vultures, eyeing for innocent pigeons, such as Muthuselvi, of Tamilnadu.

It is the duty and responsibility of the government to enact legislation on the above harder lines, and put a full-stop to such heart-breaking deaths, immediately !

- E N D -
Published: 2006-09-03
Author: joseph nelson

About the author or the publisher
I have written articles in our Dept. magazine and also general newspapers, of course, in Tamil the ancient and mother of all the Dravidian(South Indian) languages. Now I am concentrating to write in English. I am a graduate and working in a Govt.Insurance company. Every body says that my style islucid and interesting. I want to earn money by my writing skills. My long term ambition is to start an English Newspaper in India and make it the No.1 throughout the world.

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