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Life as a blogger

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Previously blogging was only a vague idea.All of sudden, gulf war brought Salampax to mainstream media.He reported the actual happening in his small weblog diary.
It was his way to communicate to the outer world.As a result, all became hooked to it.

At first, hardcore media pundits scoffed at it as mere bubble but soon accepted it as a part of life.You may find right from US politicians to leaders of french houte couture maintaining their blogs.
Be it deomocratic United states or communist regime of china , all have accepted blogging to be an integral part of life.
Blogs can be about anything-from personal information to serious academic topics.

Reasons for blogging:
Many who donot find support from the establishment like journalists or activists use it to sensitise about serious issues.
It can be paying too.Big commercial houses pay a lot to distinguihsed bloggers who can maintain atention span of their prospects.
Bloggers maintain their own commune or network.
Many noted I.S.P.s like google ,yahoo ,rediff and allow bloggers to maintain their own blogs.

Why blogging is a good thing!
Blogging is good because it helps many inknown but talented creative artists to unlaesh their subtle skill.Sociologists believe that blogging act as a catharis.
Its good for networking.You may connect with veterans of your respective field, for e.g, writers, designors, journalists, activists and other professionals.)

(written by ashish dimri,an avid blogger and maintains
Published: 2007-06-10
Author: ashishdimri

About the author or the publisher

An Indian Journalist, a Content writer.
A Blogger
( In Mass Communication, a passionate student of English Literature.
I write to inspire, duped, hurt umpteen times but always got a blessing in the end!

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