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Nano: The small Wonder

Nano , Tata 's Nano,

Nano is the name of the Tata’s new mini car that is going to hit the Indian roads in the next few months. Its manufacturers claim that it will be the next ‘People’s Car’. They plan to emulate what Maruti-800 did in the last decade or maybe even go beyond that. The car was unveiled at the Delhi Auto Expo and it will be the cheapest car in production and can be purchased at $2500.

So how did Tata Motors manage to put together a car that will offer all necessary features and still keep the prices so low? The Tata website enlists a number of cost saving measures like an engine that fits under the rear seat which in turn reduces the size of the car significantly. Some other cost cutting measures include lower labor costs, locating the instrument cluster in the center of the dash so that one dashboard can be used for left- or right-hand drive versions; and obtaining unspecified incentives from local officials to locate the Nano assembly plant in West Bengal.

The car plans to target people of the middle class and lower middle class. Mileage of 47 miles per galleons gives it a low running cost. It can comfortably accommodate four people, and the Tata’s plan to make it available, through convenient financing schemes. All this makes the car economical to purchase and decreases the running cost.
What kind of driving experience it gives you? Nobody can answer that nobody is being allowed to even sit in the car at the auto expo. But the Tatas guarantee a smooth handling; add to that a top speed of 60mph with a 33hp engine. Though there will be some basic features missing like power windows, power steering and air conditioning, the car will still cater to most needs of the Indian middle class.

Though the Tata’s statement that the Nano is luxurious is definitely an exaggeration, but at the same time car is enabled with all the important features and still manages to be parsimonious. This is the right kind of blend, which the Indian markets demand or at least that is how it seems to be. Weather Nano brings about a revolution on the Indian roads, enabling almost every Indian to own a car or just ends up as mere hype, remains to be seen.
Published: 2009-01-03
Author: Pranav Sood

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