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Only You Can Change The World-Part Two

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Even though biologically the humankind function in the same way world over, however they differ in many ways like intellectually, politically, religiously, economically and of course color of their skin! Because present political world of the humans unfortunately is divided into endless parts and sub divisions, by many opposing cress-crossing, scientific, political and religious thought and belief systems, that are blindly, unconsciously taught, practiced and passed on, from generation to generation, centuries after centuries, without making timely appropriate amendments!

Naturally humanity as a whole is not only unhappy amongst one another, but also they act, believe and think as if they are deadly enemies to one another! In turn, they want to hate, and destroy one another, just to prove that their own individualized scientific, political, and religious beliefs and thought systems are absolute and final! Factually, logically, and rationally, there can never be different individualized truths for the one and only humanity, that miraculously share one and only supreme light of the infinite consciousness.

The same ancient eternal inner supreme peerless hallowed light of the infinite consciousness, has been self-realized, experienced and expressed, by different awakened World Teachers, Enlightened Masters, Prophets, and Messiahs at different ages, in different languages and on different parts of Earth, in many different beautiful ways! But the unaware, blind followers, fixated into the stuffed individualized worldly undigested knowledge, misunderstood the true meanings of their mysterious holy words, sayings and teachings of their beloved Masters, without ever looking further towards the subjective, objective, realistic and hidden meanings. Now tell me, what more one would expect from the unaware, confused, misguided, fanatic, fundamentalist, blind followers who go on making, endless unessential wars of the destruction?

The earlier, concept of education as the quite pursuit of the wisdom, of the life of a rich, deep completion of the personality is disappearing, but replaced by more and more exclusively utilitarian, they scramble to acquire knowledge by stuffing themselves with the information and data, the personality as a wholesome is not at all engaged. What is so sinister is that the same need not at all be true of the underlying psychological changes, which go on slowly, inexorably, and pass un-noticed until; the damage is too complete to be remediable. That is why it is important to try to awake now, the way things are moving now, while there is still a little tiny spark of infinite consciousness, and hopefulness is blinking far away deep within in the hearts of humankind.

If there is no beautiful future vision of the ‘One Unified World’ the humankind will perish and the humankind is perishing destroying, killing themselves and everything around, because there is not left, any hope of the beautiful future! The most urgent task of the humankind of today is to restore the vision of the better unified one world of the co-existence along with the wakeful awareness, with the simplicity of the awakened one. In the very short time before it is too late, before the eternal endless dark bottomless ignorance slowly silently and smoothly closes in upon the week unaware individualized minds of the Humans.

Now a days, children are buried under a great massive amount of accumulated stuffed information and data, one gets no time to digests the information into knowledge or worse still, to distill that knowledge into the light of inner wealth of wisdom. Then one will be nothing but like a stuffed doll of undigested accumulated ready-made undigested informative knowledge. This further in turn will lead towards paralysis of the creative thinking! Eternal awareness is the eternal life; on the other hand, eternal unawareness is the eternal death! Taking birth, living and dying in unawareness is, as good as living with an unaware dead consciousness with the eternal bottomless ignorance, ready to destroy oneself and everything beautiful around!

Self-realization through, self-inquiry is just like peeling an onion. One has to peel one’s own self, layer by layer, mask by mask, because there is always a hidden-new-reality within the reality! The moment one begins to settle for the last and final ultimate reality of the self-realization. Then suddenly, all together, a new self-realization will dawns blasts and expands the horizons of the old conceptualize individualized consciousness of the self-assumed reality! Just like the Magma, the shining bright molten mass within the Earths crust exploding and blasting in the volcanic eruptions. Only to find that there is nothing at the center of the undivided point of perception except the expanding eternal endless perceptivity of the peerless supreme hallowed light of wakeful aware infinite consciousness itself!

Know yourself is what usually said. Even that is not correct because if we talk of knowing the indivisible inner true-self, there should be two factors the knowing factor and another the factor that has to be known. The state which is called as the state of self-awakening is nothing else but simply awakening instantaneously into ones own inner indomitable light of the infinite consciousness. However, it is not trying to know about anything or trying to become anything. If one has realized his or her true indomitable light of the infinite consciousness, then she or he is that which alone has been which alone is here and now, and which alone shall exist eternally!

Ones inner light of infinite consciousness remains detached, unchanged, and unaffected no matter what, regardless of ones birth and growth into the worldly everyday life. It exists deep within every human, remote from ones all earthly day today activities, it knows all details, always stands apart; as a wakeful aware witness, it even records ones life ‘moment to moment’ into the cells of ones brain. It even stays awake within when one is sleeping, dreamlessly or dreaming. Any one can identify such special ever wakeful changeless miraculous factor within oneself effortlessly. One is able to perceive, know understand realize and remember his or her everyday life, as the past moments, as the present moments and as the expected future moments, within ones memory, One is able to perceive, the changes that are continuously happening around, in ones everyday life is only on the bases of this changeless unknown eternal factor of the infinite wakeful light of consciousness within everyone!

It had always been there even earlier to the creation, it is ever present in the form of here and now in the eternal moment of the present-ness and it will always remain there within the eternal future of the eternal regenerative humankind along with the Mother Nature! It always stands apart and alone as hallowed peerless light of infinite consciousness, it is factually more real than the collectively accepted accustomed and assumed concept of the everyday reality of the politically and religiously divided scattered world!

Ones inner light of infinite consciousness is the most sensitive miraculous factor, over which, all the impulsive signals perceived through their sensory organs are projected. Impulsive signals of sound through ears; of touch through skin; of smell through nose; of light through eyes; of taste through tongue, of new unknown insights and intuitions through inquisitive intuitive perception. Such different combinations of combined impulsive signals will produce bio-electro-chemical changes in the neurotransmitters of ones brain. The neurotransmitters in turn shall induce different mantel psychiatric states, like feelings, emotions, moods, misery, joy, happiness, love, hate, anger, sense of satisfactions and dissatisfactions, knowing and not knowing.

Every human’s reactions to such impulsive actions will differ from person to person; moment to moment, in accordance with ones, level of inner evolution, gender and age, with respect to his or her inner self-knowledge; about his or her true indomitable light of the infinite consciousness and the factual world around, as one becomes increasingly more and more attentive towards one’s inner sensitive light of self-awareness and the corresponding different stimulations of situations, happenings within and beyond. One’s sense of wakeful self-awareness starts to grow, expand, flower and blossom on its own accord.

Then one will start to behave increasingly more and more sensible, one’s individualized-mind, and all-inner endless questions will start to dissolve, one will rejoice in the endless infinite intellectual expanse! One starts to live just moment-to-moment, without botheration of the known or the unknown, one will automatically take a quantum-leap in to one’s natural state of the eternity. And start to perceive the factual-reality directly as one, undivided and indivisible, without the separation of the within and beyond, free from the strong hold of the duality, where all the inner and external divisions, concepts, and opposites, meet in harmony. Ancient Eternal Supreme Self-Knowledge transcends known and unknown; absolute and the relative; represented and unrepresented, verbalized and non-verbalized, religious and scientific dimensions!

The awakened self-aware infinite consciousness is like a blacksmith’s anvil on which many experiences, feelings, discoveries, inventions, emotions, perceptions, intuitions, self-realizations, theories, ideologies, formulas, equations, thesis, derivations, and self-enlightenments are hammered out, without change in the anvil itself! As salt dissolves into water and camphor in fire, so the separated individualized mind dissolves into the eternal peerless hallowed supreme brilliantly effulgent light of the infinite consciousness, ever evolving, exploding, blasting and expanding its horizons into the infinity of the miraculous stagnant static moment of the here and now, within one and all!

There is not any object to be known there, when one’s true indomitable self is realized, there is just endless super sensitive subjectivity of the eternal pulsating, blissful, peerless supreme self-witnessing shining self-aware light of infinite consciousness, without the beginning and without the end, which is self-aware within and beyond, an indivisible, self witnessing wakeful ever blasting, exploding, evolving expanding its horizons eternally!

The ‘I’ casts off the illusion of ‘I’; and yet remains as an ‘I’; such is the paradox of the Self-Realization. While, one in an overpowering ecstasy and in endless bliss, suffused in a total emotional rapture, the state of exalted delight and deep meditative transcendental state; occupies one accordingly. Within him or herself, one experiences a tremendous; inner blasting, explosion of the enlightenment that expands his individualized mind, towards endless new and fresh unknown horizons, one is automatically shifted to ones inborn natural state the higher plane of evolution, expanding, blasting, into the endless eternal wakeful self-aware light of the infinite consciousness, which becomes the effortless natural reality of ones every moment of the life!

Self-Enlightenment, appears to be paradoxical, self-contradictory at the beginning but when one plunge deep into it, then all contradictions, pair of opposites will disappear into the beautiful harmony, soon after the Sun of the wakeful infinite consciousness rises within, accordingly the fog of self assumed eternal endless ignorance melts. There will certainly be a beautiful brilliant vision of the peerless brilliant hallowed divine light of the endless eternal, wakeful awakened self-aware, self-witnessing supreme infinite consciousness.

This is ever exploding, blasting, evolving expanding its horizons through and within the consciousness of the wholesome humankind, and Mother Nature, and in many, many other different still endless unknown multidimensional ways! This eternal wakeful self-awareness is ones true effortless natural existence, it is not a state or truth to attain but self-realized, because you are ever eternally that. Awake, arise ‘O’ ancient eternal regenerating humankind, Stop not until you re-discover, re-sense your true inner indomitable supreme light of the infinite consciousness!

With due courtesy, I wish to present some of the ‘quotations of self experience of ‘Modern Seers of the world’ also to you, to facilitate further to arrive on to your own, final and individual self-realizations and final conclusions!

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics, says, “If one is to have a secure society, then, if one is to rid a society of its death factors, one must have some means of either insane, the criminals, or he must have some means of salvaging these people and bringing them back into a state of consciousness. Full-consciousness would mean full recognition of ones responsibilities, his relationship with others, his care of himself and of society. How can such a thing be achieved? If you could achieve it, you could raise a social order to hitherto unattainable heights. You could empty the prisons and asylums. You could make a world too sane for war. And people could be made well who have never had the means of it before. And people could be happy who have never truly known what happiness was. You could raise the goodwill and efficiency of all men and all social orders if you could restore the vitality of these people”

Jeans says: “Man ought to know that from the brain arise our pleasures, joys, and laughter & jests as well as our sorrows, pains and tears. As it is with the light and electricity, therefore it may be with life. The phenomena may be individuals carrying on separate existences in spaces and time, while in the deeper reality beyond space and time we may all be members of one body”

Albert Einstein, who was working as a clerk in an office that was distributing certificates to scientists and their researches, developed an interest towards research. Later he became the greatest ever scientist of the world, he too said: “My all inventions once were only my imaginations, which others thought as an impossible dreams, but I dared to dream the impossible, because, I believed in me and I knew nothing is impossible” and “Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism, how passionately I hate them” and further he exemplified his realization: “The experience of the light of infinite consciousness is the strongest and noblest mainspring of scientific research... during that vision, in a clarified and unified view of the universe, I saw the interwoven pattern and integration of all things... that is when peace came, and almighty static still calm that nothing would ever shake again”.

Max Planck says, “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science to the study of matter, I can tell you as the result of my research about the atoms, this much there is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this minute solar system of the atom together... we must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious enlightened and intelligent infinite mind. This mind is the matrix of all creation”

Charles Rogers says, “Perhaps in the coming generation, of younger psychologists I hope that unencumbered by university prohibitions and resistances. There may be few who will dare to investigate the possibility, that there is a lawful reality, which is not open to our five senses, reality in which present, past and future are intermingled. In which space is not a barrier and time has disappeared; a reality, which can be perceived and known only when we are passively respective, rather than actively bent on knowing. It is one of the most exciting challenges posed to psychology”

Dr. Vandana Shiva says: “The inward looking approach of Indian civilization has enabled the development of the human consciousness, not merely the ‘development’ of projects and methods of control over nature that leads to patterns of excessive consumption. It recognizes the intrinsic worth and value of all species, and hence the need for ‘ahimsa’ and compassion towards all. An outward looking paradigm based on commerce alone treats other species as objects of human exploitation and progress in agriculture and health in terms of the technologies of torture and manipulation of life forms. Looking outwards after looking inward creates conditions for peace, dignity, non-violence, and non-aggression. Looking outwards without the capacity to look inwards creates competition, aggression, exploitation of nature and people, violence and insecurity. It universalizes commerce and trade, not human consciousness. It creates exclusions rather than inclusiveness. A philosophy of inclusion can only emerge from a Philosophy of intrinsic worth and self-organization from the individual to the community, to nation than to the world. It provides the basis for a quite, but determined challenges to the merging universalize empire over all life through patents on life and genetic engineering. It is the foundation for the building an Earth democracy.”

The Xiv Th Dalai Lama of Tibet, His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, says “By nature we human beings have great ability and the employment of modern technology in education has further increased that ability. However, though the knowledge of our brain is developing, the other human quality the good heart-is not catching up. Because of this, knowledge becomes more destructive, more negative. Today the world is very complicated, and much suffering has happened due to lack of human sympathy and human affection. Human ability has increased; human knowledge has increased. But these developments, without being properly balanced with other human qualities, can become an instrument to do wrong”

APJ Abdul Kalam: says in his book ‘Ignited Minds’ (PENGUIN BOOKS, p7-8) “I kept pondering over my dream. Yet, the history of the world shows the forces of good struggling hard to make life better for humanity while the human race also shows a terrible capacity for destruction. Thus, we have Gandhi, and other great saints and teachers who lay down the precepts for a happy and virtuous life, on the one hand, and on the other hand the death of millions in the Second World War and dropping of Atomic Bombs that destroyed entire cities. Thousands have died in the Bosnia conflict, the Israel-Palestine conflict continues to take lives, and on 11 September 2001, terrorists used a new tactic to take lives when they struck at the world Trade Center in New York. At home, in Bhopal gas tragedy, 30,000 people died as the result of the thousands more have died in the Kashmir Valley violence. On 13 December 2001, when the leaders of India were in Parliament, an attempt made by the terrorists to paralyze the country, where will it all stop? Are we doomed to destroy ourselves? No, we have to find an Everlasting solution.”

Richard Mauric Bucke exemplified his realization: All at once, without warning of any kind, I found myself wrapped in a flame-colored cloud. For an instance I thought of fire, an immense conflagration somewhere close by in that great city; the next thing I knew the fire was within my-self. Directly afterwards there came upon me a sense of exultation, of immense joyousness accompanied or immediately followed by an intellectual illumination impossible to describe. Among other things, I did not merely come to believe, but I saw that the universe is not composed of dead matter, but is, on the contrary, a living Presence; I became conscious in myself of eternal life. It was not a conviction that I would have eternal life, but a consciousness that I possessed eternal life then. I saw that all men are immortal; that the cosmic order is such that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all; that the foundation principle of the world, of all the worlds, is what we call is in the long run absolutely certain. The vision lasted a few seconds and was gone; but the memory of it and the sense of the reality of what it taught have remained during the quarter of a century which has since elapsed.

J. Krishnamurti exemplified his realization: “I am strong, I no longer falter; the divine spark is burning in me; I have beheld in a waking dream, the Master of all things and I am radiant with His eternal joy. I have gazed into the deep pool of knowledge and many reflections have I beheld. I am the stone in the sacred temple. I am the humble grass that is mown down and trodden upon. I am the tall and stately tree that courts the very heavens…. I am the lover and the very love itself. I am the saint, the adorer, the worshiper and the follower. I am God.

George Bernard Shaw has wisely said: “Patriotism is nothing else but just a strong misplaced belief that one’s country is superior to all other countries, only because one has taken birth in it …. There will never be a quite, peaceful, and prospers unified one global political world until and unless, the belief systems of patriotism along with the idea of having separate individual countries is knocked off from the consciousness of the humankind”

Some collected facts of today’s world!

1) Water abounds over what astronauts have described as the blue planet. Unfortunately, 94 per cent of it is salty; and of the remaining 6 per cent, most is locked away underground. The human population can count on an annual supply of only around 9000 cubic kilo meters of fresh water!

2) Over the past two decades, noise and air pollution has increased substantially. The human species has altered the planet’s land cover almost beyond recognition. The ice-free area of land amounts to 13,000 million hectares. Of this, 11 per cent cultivated, 24 per cent is permanent pasture, 31 per cent is forest, and woodland, human activity is rapidly depleting the number of plant and animal species that live on the planet. Industry and agriculture depend on this biological diversity, for many of their needs. Over the next 30 years, the numbers of losses are likely to increase to 15,000-50,000 species per year, or about 40-140 species per day!

3) Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere have risen from 280 parts per million in 18th century to 379 parts per million today. Over the last century, average universal surface temperature went up by 0.7 deg C. Majority of world’s mountain glaciers including in the Himalayas are melting. The Arctic sea ice is reducing in thickness and extent. In the Antarctic, warming has seen disintegration of ice shelves as recent as 1995 and 2002. Alaska and Iberia have also registered considerable warming. Global sea level expected to rise 10-20 cm in next last 100 years.

4) At the present rate of burning fuels combined with deforestation, carbon dioxide levels will double by end of century. This with other lending factors will raise temperatures by 1.5 to 11deg C by 2100. The ice cover of the planet will melt and add to the sea levels, eventually flooding low-lying islands and coastal regions. This addition of fresh water affects oceanic currents, and in turn, climates in the temperate zones drastically affected. Crop yields and water availability will see a drastic drop. Droughts in interior of continents will intensify and cyclones, tsunamis in tropic aggravate. ‘Ozone’ layer depletion will mean more and more deaths due to cancer, and other deadly diseases.

5) In many ways, our planet Earth has become a dangerous place to live. Natural disasters, floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and tempests are becoming more common. So, too, are large-scale industrial accidents. In addition, natural disasters are no longer as ‘natural’ as they once were, human actions is not only making them more common but also are exposing more and more people to their effects.

6) Over the past 20 years, Global military expenditure totaled US$ 17,000,000,000,000. The world stockpiles more than 50,000 nuclear weapons! The 50-70 per cent of the world population that we expect to survive a nuclear war, nuclear scientists predict, would have to undergo a nuclear winter caused by smoke from fires cutting out the Sun’s rays. Temperatures would fall below freezing! Moreover, rainfall is affected! Crops and eco-system would undergo profound drastic changes!

7) The environmental problems confront the planet with issues unique in its history, the possibility that the ‘Ozone’ layer, which protects life on earth from the Sun’s harmful ‘Ultra Violet Radiation’ will become seriously depleted; and the growing threat of global warming caused by the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Both issues threaten not only the human species but plants and other species as well. The world faces a major sustainability challenge as it approaches the 21st century.

8) Expanding settlements in the developing world need increasingly more natural resources, both raw materials and energy, to sustain the development process and high rates of economic growth. In the twenty-year period between 2005 and 2025, the world’s population is expected to rise 45 per cent. In the same period, forest cover will decline by 7 per cent and the demand for primary energy will increase by over 60 per cent. If current consumption patterns continue, the ecosystem that provides us with renewable resources could well collapse long before the world runs out of non-renewable resources.
Published: 2006-09-13
Author: Vittal Koppal

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Thanks for visiting my profile page, my name is Vittal Koppal, I'm a professional writer, age 49, I am from India, I bring love, light and peace from Inda! You can check my book "Think Globally Act Locally" at

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