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Overcoming inevitable hurdles

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Aechlyus the famous Greek dramatist once said ,"We are not Gods that we should enjoy a lifetime of unbroken happiness". This life that we live is a string of ups and downs with the downs proving to be more recurring.One morning we wake up floating on top of the world and the next morning we are all grumpy and searching for an alternative to life.Why one wonders do human beings continuously subject themselves to this emotional rollercoaster when christianity claims that happiness is a right? Well in this message,my aim is to offer a bit of encouragement to whoever might be taking a rollercoaster ride right now.

It is first of all important to note that the one way of overcoming lifes little problems is to learn to rise above them.In this way one might be saved from the straining effort of brooding over trivial issues such as being stood up on a date or being denied something.A generally positive outlook towards almost anything in life is very vital and can prevent one from frowning down on anything that is not within his line of thinking.Lastly,prayer is a very important part of human existance.To face the bleakness of a day one has ahead, it is imperative to ask God to enable one enjoy the whole portion of happiness meant for him that day and also to embrace all sorrow in good faith. In that way one will surely enjoy their portion of happiness as divinely awarded.
Published: 2007-04-23

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Iam 17years old.i have a great passion for writing and intend to take it on as a future part time year i will be beginning my law course at the university.

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