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Power Body Build up

Arm-Curl Machine

Most men tend to sacrifice form on the weight machines, especially when they are racing through their lunch- hour work out and bouncing from one station to another. These few excercises, maybe able to help you through the process. Wih Arm-Curl Machine you will have results in no time.

The Basic Move, if you have a Arm-Curl Machine, grab the handle loosely and curl it up until your thumbs nearly touch your shoulders. Let the handle return, and, repeat the movement.

The Precision Detail, keep your shoulders low. Sometimes, without thinking, most of us slowly lift ourselves off the seat during a set, allowing the shoulders to move toward the weight stack until, by the last repetition, we are practically vaulting over the bench. With our shoulders meeting our hands as the weight comes up, we have shortened the distance the arms must travel, letting the biceps off the hook. Instead, adjust the seat low enough to keep your shoulders from creeping over the bench. Keeping your butt planted firmly in the seat also prevents you from lifting your torso.

With the Arm-Curling Machine think head and shoulders, this targets the biceps muscles of the upper arm. Also, keep heads and shoulders still during the exercise so your arms do all the work.

A way to use Arm-Curl Machine to build-up muscles, on your chest, front shoulders, targets the triceps muscles of the upper arm, and adds extra size to your arms.
Published: 2009-10-28
Author: Devika Primic

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