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The Small Scale Infinity

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Look up at the sky, with naked eyes or through a telescope. The vastness is never ending. The universe seems to be without any boundary. Even if we assume a spatial limit of the universe, the question, then, arise as to what is there beyond the boundary of the universe. The simple and logical answer is – “nothing”. Working the same logic backward, if there is simply nothing outside the universe then it is certainly infinite. That is how we conceptualize the telescopic enormity of the universe and its infinite nature. It is not possible to visualize the same, at least I can’t. Let us call it the telescopic or the spatial or the big scale infinity.

Now look into the lens of a microscope. What is there beyond the tiniest identifiable particle? You may say, the sub atomic particle or say the quarks. But there has to be something beyond that too. The answer is again – nothing. Now apply the earlier logic on this observation as well. If there is nothing beyond the smallest, then there is certainly a downward infinity too. We may call it the material infinity or the microscopic infinity or the small scale infinity, till the time it is recognized and christened by the modern physicists. But whatever we may call it the small scale infinity is as essential as the “big” infinity we know and understand.

Non-inclusion of the small scale infinity in modern day science is to my opinion a big tragedy and the biggest impediment in the way of developing a unified theory of everything , or probably to know for sure that any such theory is beyond our reach.

Zero is the culprit. The introduction of zero , handicapped our vision and the thought process in that direction. Zero might have had its benefits in mathematics, but for theoretical physics it was a weird and senseless assumption. Zero is achieved by displacing the numbers or quantity you have in hand. As per the law of conservation or in the Mest Theory of Everything , there is no place for zero. The universe is not existing between the zero and the infinity or in other words between the big bang and this moment. The universe extends between the small scale infinity and the large scale infinity. This continuum of matter( mass/energy) and the spacetime is represented by the two infinities which ultimately merge and the universe becomes a never ending “mest”.

Published: 2007-05-06

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