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1 in 20 Americans Not Literate

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1 in 20 Americans Not Literate

Just as I've suspected, the U.S. Commissioner of education statistics stated that the results of a national survey showed that 1 in 20 Americans are illiterate, that 29% of Americans have only BASIC reading skills.

This is a disaster in a country that depends on the intelligence of its populace to elect the people that govern us and control every aspect of our daily life. I would venture to say that of these 29%, every single one of them knows the scores of last Sunday's football games or the latest headlines in People magazine.

If you don't possess the basic reading and math skill, like being able to add numbers on a bank slip, read a map or read the directions for taking medication, what the hell do you know? There was a time in this country that knowledge was respected and was something sought after. Now, all that stuff is phooey.

A free democratic society cannot function or endure with the mentality of a fourth grader. Citizens must be able to make informed judgments and sound decisions, especially in regard to the future of our government. When Jay Leno can stop a stranger on the street and ask for the name of the Vice President and get a blank stare, that is pathetic. Forget Arab terrorists, this country will be done in by stupid people. The solution is very simple though, just learn ONE thing a day. Really, it does NOT HURT. No pain, I promise. Soon you will have gained thousands of pieces of knowledge and you'd be surprised how much fuller your lives will be.
Published: 2009-02-15
Author: Gary L. Hammontree

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Gary L. Hammontree

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