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3 Reasons Why Marriages Fail

why marriages fail, marriage

There can be many reasons why marriages fail. The rate at which marriages break up these days should concern us all. So what goes wrong between the “I Do” and the “I Don’t”? To understand why marriages fail, maybe we need to look at why people get married in the first place.

There are right reasons and wrong reasons to marry. One right reason, of course is because you love the person and can’t imagine life without them in it. Sometimes, however, people get married for reasons that have little to do with love. This could be why marriages fail.

Why Marriages Fail: Wrong Reasons To Get Married

Some people get married because their parents or their partner (or both) pressure them into it. Although things may be fine at first, there is a possibility that down the road they will regret it and start resenting the marriage. Resentment is another reason why marriages fail.

Some people will marry just to get ahead financially. Marrying for money is not the best idea. What if the money goes away? You’re stuck in a loveless marriage. At least if you love one another you can stick through the tough times and become stronger for the experience. Yes, greed can be a reason why marriages fail.

Some couples get married because of an unplanned pregnancy. What a rough start! Not only do you have to adjust to married life, but also to being a parent. Many times a couple will be young and inexperienced in what it actually takes to make a marriage work. Being tied down so young can be another reason why marriages fail.

When you get married you want it to last forever. Many times though, people go into the marriage without really communicating what their expectations are. There are things that need to be discussed beforehand such as do you both want children? religion (or lack of), what each persons role in the home will be, legal issues, and the biggie…finances. Getting this ironed out before the wedding will definitely help you to avoid the reasons why marriages fail.

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Published: 2008-12-12
Author: Lacey Wills

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