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35 Job Hunting Tips

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1. Try to maintain a positive attitude; it's difficult at times, because you may feel that nothing is happening fast enough.

2. Pamper yourself for each small step or accomplishment.

3. According to experts, the best day to land a job is on a Wednesday morning; it's not as hectic and an employer can focus more on you.

4. The best time to interview is between 9:30 and 10:30 am. (Your's and the recruiter's energy levels are highest. So they say.)

5. Try to be in the middle or end of the group of applicants seen (You'll be fresher in the interviewer's mind.)

6. Make a daily to-do list; it'll really keep you organized.

7. Discover your best functioning time (Some people are better in the morning, while others are mid-day or night folks.)

8. Always try to plan ahead; lay out the next day's clothes and fix lunches the night before.

9. Keep frequently used numbers by your phone or with you, to save time looking them up.

10. Try to break up large projects into smaller, manageable parts.

11. If you have several places to go, try to go to them by location order to avoid backtracking.

12. If you're waiting a while, or are in a long line, bring a book, a letter, or catch up on your bill payments, school, or work projects, etc.

13. Sometimes the color of your outfit may be a factor in how you're perceived. Every color sends a message about its wearer. Brown, surprisingly, is one of the best; it conveys that you're down-to-earth, trusting, and easy to work with, yet modern.

14. Make sure a job offer is real; confirm everything and get it in writing.

15. Smile on interviews; always be pleasant.

16. Being female may increase your chances of being hired, for women bring certain everyday skills: they're excellent communicators, ask more questions and listen more than a man, are more detail-oriented, and are more productive. Married women are often compromise experts, while mothers are able to juggle many tasks (and people's personalities) at once, and can concentrate amidst chaos.

17. Always work on improving your skills, whether you're currently employed or not.

18. If you have no job skills or are very rusty, consider being a part-time volunteer while you're seeking "regular" work. It shows that you have initiative. And you'll learn new skills for free!

19. Don't dress like a bum or a hoochie mama! Even if business casual is allowed, always wear appropriate apparel for the environment.

20. Check out the Internet. If you don't have a home computer, use your local public library. There are thousands of web sites for resumes, cover letters, and jobs.

21. When you leave a job, move away, etc., try to leave on a positive note. You never know if you'll need a reference or God forbid, possibly need to return.

22. Don't wear strong perfume or cologne or scuffy shoes on interviews (Wear your perfume lightly.)

23. Do a common thing uncommonly well.

24. Pray; pray very hard. It sure wouldn't hurt.

25. Ask around for job leads; contact your relatives (the ones you're speaking to), friends, acquaintances, such as your bus driver, mailman, etc.

26. You can still go to your local job service office, but I would personally only do this as a last resort, when all else fails. And even then.....

27. If you already do volunteer work, you can apply for a paying position where you are, should one become available.

28. There's still the option of just walking in and applying, but this is not as effective as other methods. One can possibly create a job for oneself within the company.

29. Ask where you do business, if that's where your interests lie.

30. Possibly create a job yourself, eventually becoming self-employed. You'll always have work!

31. Contact schools and places where you're training.

32. Become an intern or apprentice.

33. Tell friends and other people you're looking (but not at your current workplace).

34. Try to interview on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, mid-afternoon (not as hectic).

35. Keep your resume simple; use white or a neutral shade.
Published: 2006-04-28
Author: Pat Jacobs

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Pat Jacobs currently writes about the world of 1960s music for (Rewind The Fifties) and also writes feature articles online and in print media.

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