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5 Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips tip garden

Gardening is a wonderful hobby which can really help to relax the mind it is really fun and quite simple to do.Anyway here are my 5 simple tips.

Tip number one is really important if you are having snail problems.The best way I have found to keep snails away is to make a small ring of copper wire and put it around the perimeter of your plants.The copper wire will cause a chemical reaction with the snails slime so it will crawl away.

Tip number two is to stop greenfly.One good way to stop greenfly isto mix warm water with diluted soap and spray the mixture on the affected plants.This should remove the threat.

Next you know how sometimes your plants seem to have very few leaves or flowers.Weirdly enough the best way is to pluck out the youngest leaves and flowers but not to many and this stimulates the plant to grow more leaves.

This next tip is to help you when planting cuttings of plants.You should always soak the cutting overnight or at least for a few hours this stimulates the growth of roots in the cutting.

The last tip which I can give you is always make sure that your cuttings are always cut sideways so they are easier to plant.

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Published: 2009-03-04
Author: Shiidheshwar Ravichandran

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