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5 Tips for having a great Cellphone


5 Tips for having a great Cellphone

Have you ever purchased something with your own idea of how it should work only to discover that some features were not what you expected them to be. Now a days Cell phones are very necessary as well as a part of our lives. So, this time with my list of five common tips that you should watch while buying a Cell phone:

1.About Service:Digital and Analog

Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, buying a Cell phone with no analog roaming capability may be a huge catch. In North-America and India, Digital networks are improving their coverage every year but they are still concentrated in urban areas. This means that if you go to the country occasionally, you won't have coverage at all if your phone is digital only. Compare provider's coverage maps for more on that issue .

2.Those catchy numbers: Ringtones

Cell Phones said to have ringtones capability may only have preset ringtones, but won't let you compose or download original ones. Also, not all ringtone engines are created equal. Before making a purchase, check this Ringtone Engines Comparison By Brand

3.Amusing communication:SMS

Not all SMS-enabled cell phones can send AND receive messages. Some are only one-way, so, if you plan on using that function, check with manufacturer's web site before buying: when you receive a message and want to reply to it, it will be too late to learn that it's only one way enabled.
4.Too busy: Hands-free is a must

Hands-free equiped Cellphones come in two flavors: some have a speakerphone, but others have only an earpiece that you must fit into your ear.
5.Pin dropped sounds: Band

Frequencies available on your Cell phone is an important issue if you travel a lot because you may not have access to all areas. For example, Cell Mobility, in Canada, has two type of CDMA antennas on its territory: some are on the 1900 Mhz band and others are on the 800 Mhz band. If your phone only uses the 1900Mhz band, it won't work or won't work on digital in the 800 Mhz areas
Published: 2006-07-25
Author: kasturi mishra

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