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5 tips on break-ups and ex boyfriends

Ex, boyfriend, man

If you dumped your boyfriend once, then why take the time to dump him again. Just let him go or you'll probably end up going nowhere, FAST! Reasons why an Ex, should stay an Ex.

1. You obviously dumped him for a good reason the first time. So why go through the pain and suffering again; you know he'll never change.

2. He promised you he'd settle down, get married and have children. It's been how long now that you've been giving and giving but haven't received anything?? Not even a ring?? Good thing you stopped wasting your time.

3. You're lonely, you want him back. Snap out of that trance girl!
You can do so much better! Maybe find a man who doesn't sit on the couch all day playing video games. At least if you have a real man you won't have to worry about his dirty underwear, or even his laundry at that matter.

4. If you want something done right, do it yourself so you won't have to go over his mistakes, again.

And number 5, last but not least. The big bang no closure break-up. You'll cry, then you'll be mad and then happy. But you made the right choice. You didn't diserve to be ignored, left out or made fun of. You diserve the high life, lots of friends and a man who thinks your more beautiful than ever when you're just about to hop into bed.
So keep your Ex an Ex, and you'll be fine.
Published: 2007-04-14
Author: Bethany Mitchell

About the author or the publisher
My name is Bethany Mitchell. In my growth as a young adult I've come to realize that being an editor is what my goal should be. I love to write, share stories, give advice and have fun! Reading my articles will allow you to learn and explore different styles of personalities and a different taste in writing. I will ensure you that I can make a section in any magazine an eye catcher; something that will scream, "READ ME!" I may be new at editing, but writing is something I have to do.

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