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A Business Bottle neck !! Fear of Failure !!

Failure , Fear , Killer instinct

A Business Bottleneck – Fear of Failure !!!

Total Satisfaction :

A lot of people are convinced that they will never achieve Total job satisfaction by working for others. Given the choice of becoming a CEO of a company , or owner of their own Small enterprise , the hand count for the latter will be more.

Fantasizing !!:

If every one who lectured about starting a business actually went out and jumped in , the whole country would be self employed. But most people would only fantasize than actually giving a sincere try.

A Common commodity in Business:

"Fear of Failure" has become as common as the "urge for Success".

If properly dealt and harnessed , it can be the energy that drives the wheel . For many it is reverse.

Learning to use it :

Learning to use Fear rather than letting it to use you is the problem for every one in business.

Incident in real life:

This was explained with a real life incident ,by the Great French Olympic hurdler , Guy Drut in 1976.

He was France’s only hope for the track Field medal.

But the burden of carrying the
Nation’s pride on his shoulders was getting to Him and affected him very much.

But He recalls His client’s( Jean – Claude) statement for his success in over coming this fear and the following is his client’s catalystic statement :

“ I have done everything I can to get ready for this Race and If I win everything will be Great !!!

But if I Do not win , My Friends will still be my Friends ; My Enemies will still be my Enemies and the World will still be the same ’

I repeated this sentence to myself before the Qualifying Heats and during the break between the Semi Finals and Finals ,

I kept saying this sentence over and over and it blocked out everything else.

I was still repeating it to myself when I went up to get my GOLD MEDAL also."

The above incident will be an eye opener to budding youngsters and a Thought provoking inspiration for every business person.

If you kill the Fear , The KILLER INSTICT to win and succeed in what ever we do , will get born and there starts the Success stream !!!
Published: 2006-04-18
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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Iam a Professional writer dedicated to sharing the knowledge on topics of Public interest, be it Management , Leadership , Social service , World Politics , Personalities , Industries , Health , Computers , Policy making , Governments , Book review etc., Iam from Singapore . My e mail id is :

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