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A candid letter to former US president George Bush

Bush, war, terror

Dear Sir,

Write to you as the term terrorism takes on a whole new meaning for the World. In some ways, terrorism has shaped the collective consciousness of us all since as long as we can remember. The 26/11 attacks at Mumbai would have revealed to a sensible law abiding person what was known mainly to the investigative agencies before. That the evil is omnipresent and ecumenical. More than 30 people with European and American nationality in the terror trap that week should have revealed a lot to the investigating agencies.

Your second term as president must have brought you some unpleasant memories. Inspite of the great challenges that came upfront during war the against terror and the casualities that it produced instead of good will and neutrality, the reactions that you received ranged from 10% of genuine disagreement to a vast majority of downright ego centrism. Everywhere from cuba to UK loquacious cries were raised by anti-war activists whose stance was justifiable only to themselves. The casual attitude, naivete, touch-me-not attitude and reluctance displayed by your party men were well exploited by those that were against to paint a picture of tragedy, loss, humiliation and duplicity from the side of your office. Everywhere from nuclear power stations to telecom call centres and from chile to Japan and UK to NewZealand there was a slogan saying: “Bush lied . People died.”. You were done in as much by the notoriety and duplicity of CIA which is dominated by the democrats at all levels as by the anti-war propaganda.

One has to conclude that there has not been as much a commitment against the evil as the valorous forces of King Muchukundan during the age of kritam, nor is there that much of truth and virtue . The current age simply fails to produce devoted servitors.

As a result of this debacle in elections you are once again witnessing many unpleasant acts of the current setup that is clearly inept. The army and weapons are mainly being used to serve a terrorist state like pakistan in its machiavellian internal dispute which is common in every place. The assassination of beitullah mehsud of taliban can hardly have an impact on war as both the terrorist organization as well as the terrorist are creations of pakistan and the drone attack only helped the terror spewers further by eliminating their fallen out colleague. The dichotomous state sponsor of terror is only aided by this strike. There is no truth in that wretched nation.

There is one more point to be made. During the cold war era the US had developed extremely cordial relations with the evil BJP of India, inorder that subversion may be carried out world wide in the name of capitalism. The sin of espousing those that seek to establish the lies as truth like BJP can never let it go and the terrible price is being paid by hosting therewith a regime that is nothing but a western form of that which consists of the ones who are the evil of age of kali.

As a president you were often subject to cynical political opportunism of democrats, whether it was war on terror, or diplomacy or bilateral ties. The landmark nuclear deal with India that was envisioned during your term in office is now in a state of utter confusion, thus creating a lot of problems to businesses in India and US. The policy with china followed by you is now in a very bad shape due to revisions and changes. There has been a very determined attempt through malicious propaganda of CIA to create an atmosphere of distrust and misgivings between India and China, so that the former may be used alongside buddist lama for subversive activities. Thus looking at the present US set up you may still be wondering what you are doing sitting at home. Thank you.
Published: 2009-08-10
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

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A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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