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A dream of a girl

girl, story, village, love

Tadha was a milk woman with many dreams to fulfill. She dreamed to own a big milk company, a bungalow, a sweet spouse and enough money to live. They were very big for Tadha. She lives in a small hut, with her mother and her sisters, Radha and Sadha. Radha and Sadha were students. Her mother was a daily labour. She was paid with less money.

So Tadha was forced to work. Her father died very early due to some illness. Tadha learned till fifth grade. When her father died, the family had no way to survive. Thus Tadha left her school for working. Her sisters were small by the time. When they grew up, she decided to send them to school. She was happy to see them both learning to their best. Their mother, who got less money, saves for the children’s marriage. Even though, Tadha loves a nice life, she disagrees to get married.

“I want my sisters to get to a good position. I will work for their studies and will achieve at least their dreams. After their success, I will think of mine. Till then let me have my pleasant dream.”

This is Tadha’s regular comment to her mother. Her mother is afraid of the people and their rumor. She has a weak body and could not resist any heavy duties. So, her work was not a permanent one for her. It’s very difficult to attain a job for an old lady, so she cared her health without falling ill. However, the financial circumstances were low. She was always blamed for not getting Tadha married. When Tadha hear this,

“Why are you getting so nervous to get me married? If you have so much care on me, help me with some money.”

These words would close others tongue. But Tadha worries of her sisters. She wanted them to get settled after they get a job. She is very active on her work and she is the best example for hard working. Her home contains hens, coconuts, cows, buffaloes. She is the one who supplies milk, coconuts and eggs to many shops and houses. People buy from her, knowing her problems and to help her. She gets a very less time in a day, and she indulges into dreaming. Her sisters worked to keep their house and yard clean.

Men tease Tadha and often for being a spinster and also frown at her. But her strong nature saves her and helps struggle against those evils.

Their mother became weaker and weaker due to the heavy works. Later Tadha decided not to send her mother for works. She told her mother to indulge in some small business like basket making or pot making, to avoid her thoughts about her children. It came to happening that her mother stayed at home and worked in her work with her flexible routine.

Whenever Tadha dreams, her mother would say,

“Daughter, your age is increasing and the marriage will not happen after a certain age. You can help your sisters after your marriage too.”

“Mother, I have a peaceful life at present. If I am married off, my husband will prevent me from helping you after a certain extent. I want my sisters to have a pretty life than mine. That is why I am working. I will be happy to see them settled. Please, mother, do never tell me about marriage again. The god will have some plan on me. Let him plan my future and faith.”

There occurred no more argument against the topic. Their speech was ended when her two sisters approached her after studying.

Soon, the two girls, Radha and Tadha left their schooling. Radha started to go for working. Mean time, Sadha persuaded her studies. Sadha was confident to get more income, if she learns more. There was no question for the money, because the income in the family became moderate after Radha got a job. Their mother became very weak and she was forced to stay in bed.
Tadha became a matured lady and took care of her mother and her family.

Radha, after going for work, started to change her attitude. She developed her own like at home. She argued for petty thing at home and often quarreled with Tadha. This hurted Tadha much, but she adjusted. Soon, after a big quarrel broke out, Radha left the house. When Tadha approached and apologized, Radha ill treated her. She told that Tadha is very much in need of money and that was the reason why she is coming back of her. This was more to Tadha and she left Radha without a word. The incident was a hurting one to all. It was Sadha who resisted her sister to call Radha again. Sadha told her sister and mother that Radha got married and started to live with her broom. This made Tadha sad. But, Sadha told her that, she do not have to be worried.

Next day, in the evening, Sadha approacxhed her family withg a good news. She told them that she was select ed in the campus interview. She told them that they will be moved to another house near to her work place. But Tadha told her,

“Sister, I was wrong with Radha. I didn’t ask her about her future life. She might have been angry with me. That was why she left us. Her angry will be no more, after some days.
Now, I should never make a mistake on your life. You should have a good life than mine. I have dreamt a lot and they will continue till my life end. But it should never happen to you. You are a learned lady and you have reached the age of marrying. As my mother told, there is a certain age for getting married. If you cross it, there will no good life for you. So, do not make any opposition. With your permission, let me seek some broom for you.”

“No, sister, I cannot marry. I want to be with you and my mother. I want to take care of my mother’s health. I love you and want to be with you, rest of my life. Please, do not compel me.”

“Sadha, you will think that you were wrong, in the future. My mother loved to see her children get married. Neither Radha’s nor mine was happened before her. If you love her, take a decision, as I told you. Also, you can come and stay with us, whenever you like. There are no obstructions in it, we always welcome you.”

“Any way, sister, I don’t want marriage at the present. Let me enjoy my life some more. After I receive my job, let’s think of it. But, first of all, I need you to accompany me to my new work place.”

Tadha became happy as well as proud to have a sister like her. She promised to go with her. Their mother was completely in bed rest at that time. But, she was able to walk for a few distances.

Later, Sadha got her appointment letter. She announced their departure. Tadha rented the house and sold her animals. It was very sad to leave them. But, there was no other way. On the day of departure, an uninvited guest came to their house. It was Radha. She stepped in with tears in her eyes. She had a girl child in her waist. It was hard to recognize her at first, because she was abused and she was changed. She called her sister,

“Tadha, I am sorry. I have made a blunder mistake, by leaving you. I am totally abused by the cruel man. He stabbed me out of my house. His parents used to burn me. So I changed my living place. He came there also and told badly about me to everybody. So my house owner told me to vacate the house. When I went to my workplace, my job has been received to some one else. She had more qualification than me. When I applied many places, they told me that I have no essential qualifications, but only Diploma. I have no other go, but only you. Please, save me. If you won’t, let me end these two terrible lives.”

There was silence. Sadha was angered. She shouted Radha at once.

“You are so awful that, after going many places you have reached her, with no shame. You have no other way. So you came here. What was your conceit? You thought, you have reached all above. Realize that it was god’s lesson for your vain glory.”

“No, Sadha, it was not her mistake. It was her faith. Let us not blame her.”

“Sister, how can you forget those days? How she has teased you?”

“Look, you all are my sisters. I cannot forget you even if you cause bad. You are always my younger ones. She could have died, but she came to us, with some hope. Radha, come in.”

Tadha turned to Sadha and told her to leave to her work place. She was also told that they will come to her after some days. Soon, Sadha left them. The journey was postponed.

Soon, they all went to Sadha’s work place. Radha applied to many companies. She also got a job. Soon, the three sisters had a good life. After some months, Tadha and Radha approached their younger sister with a marriage proposal. After consoling her, the marriage was fixed. Sadha was married to a man, who was calm and loveable. He never hurted her and soon, she got a transfer and left the place.

Meanwhile, their mother passed away. Tadha could not face the incident. She felt lonely and decided to leave to her hometown. But Radha stayed with her child and continued to work in the same place.

Living without mother was hard for Tadha. She felt lazy to be alone. Sadha called her daily and invited her to stay with them. Tadha was not ready to leave her place. But Radha never contacted her. Once Tadha received a letter from her saying that she is going to leave with a man. She was happy when he allowed taking her child. Tadha didn’t oppose her wish. Sadha was unknown about this. The days passed,

It happened one day, an accident and the woman victim was died. To Tadha’s disappointment, it was Radha. The accident occurred when Radha was returning to her home from her office. It was more than to accept. When Sadha came to know Radha’s relationship, she felt ugly. She asked Tadha why she didn’t inform that to her.

“Sadha, I got her letter after their marriage. She might have feared something. When I came to know this, I thought it will make you feel bad. It was the reason why you keep in touch with her till her death.”

There was no comment from Sadha. But to their surprise the man who married Radha left early without even conducting the ceremonies of funeral. Tadha finished all the activities which should be done. When she looked Radha’s child, she declared that it will be she who is going to take care of the child and she will be her mother. The gathering dispersed.

Tadha left to her hometown and Sadha to her place. Later, Tadha had a phone call. It was from Sadha telling her sister that she is conceived. It was good news to Tadha and she told that she will come to her place soon.

Later Tadha dreamed about her life. Her dreams never came true and the milk company, bungalow, her sweet spouse, are very far from her. Suddenly she was interrupted by Radha’s child. When she hugged the child, she realized that it is her duty to care of the child. She thought that god needs her to take care of someone throughout her life. Soon she began her old life once again for her child.
Published: 2009-01-17
Author: Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

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I really love writing and reading and so I have started an account in this site. I feel writing as a best way to express one's view, and this opinion made me interested in writing....and this interest will continue till my heart beat.

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