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A Great Woman

A Great Woman

A Great Woman
Bright shining eyes
Full of love and peace
Shining gold hair
Full of life and happiness
Smile of a moon
Full of love and care

A Great Woman
Push her away
She swings swiftly never falls
The love you give to her is never a waste
Intelligence is her weapon
With strength but not pride

A Great Woman
Shout at her face
She’s there to understand your noise
Sweet as a baby fast asleep
Soft as always
The ideas given to her never a waste

A Great Woman
Pull her down
She remains upright
Destroy her ideas
She tightens them quietly
Mislead her thinking never was a fool
The truth you give to her finds the place

A Great Woman
Dismantle her piece of work she’s there to gather it
Make her cry she gives you a tiny tear quietly
Meant to be of joy and love
The smile you give to her is accepted from the heart
She will never disfigure her face with anger

A Great Woman
Her heart melts with love
Give her a clean joke
She jingles like Christmas bells
Make her laugh
It comes out of her heart

A Great Woman
She’s tender not rough
A woman of her word
A diary your memory will need
That’s a lady that I know.
Published: 2007-05-14
Author: Helen Nomvelo Shabalala

About the author or the publisher
Helen N Shabalala

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