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A Little Addendum of Self-Esteem

Addendum of self-esteem, how to build your self-esteem, self-esteem

Have people hurt you so much
that you don’t know what to do?
Hum! The same people claim to be
your helper.

But by their sayings and action
Towards you, others are made to
Believe you are impassive.
But in reality your whole being is
far from this.

Then you are bitter, full of questions,
maybe in despair and each time you wonder
if you are what you think of yourself at all.
Though you may try to show that you don’t care
What they say but this has gotten the best of you.

Understand that your own beautiful picture
of yourself – that gentle, calm and peace loving person
you’ve always imagined of yourself is who you really are.
And those who hurt you know this
so all they are aiming at is to manipulate
something ugly out of you.

You may have fallen severally to this trap because
You didn’t realize this.

But now it is better to get smart than to get mad.
You need to get to know yourself better and be yourself
Begin to show by your every action that you are who you think of yourself.

Refuse to believe negativities. Work in love.
Doing this may not be easy for it is especially difficult to be nice and to love people who don’t think well of you let alone testify well of you.

But with much patience in each circumstance you will succeed against this tide. Then you’ll gradually become that Super-Human you’ve always imagined.
Published: 2008-06-02
Author: Ema Adama

About the author or the publisher
My name is Ema Adama. I am a young female graduate from the university of jos,Nigeria. I have a bachelor of science degree in Industrial Chemistry. Writting articles that are interesting and informative is my hobby. I have been doing this from my secondary school. I edited my secondary school magazine published in 2001. I have written other brief articles for leasure that are not published yet. And in effect, i will find it rewarding to write for magazines and other publication to earn money.

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