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A Message for all the Lost Teenagers


Youth, they say it’s the best time of your life. However, it can become a real nightmare at times. It’s not easy being young…you have to learn and make decisions at the same time. If I were to draw a comparison I would say that it’s like making a project based on a research you haven’t made yet. So sometimes you have to trust your instincts which also require to be honed by this life. There are no guidelines for youth, you have to establish your own. Here are mine:

We miss so many things during this life…despite our hunger for new experience, we cling to this daily routine that kills us slowly. While I am at school I realize that there so many things out there waiting for me to try them, that I am wasting my time and my energy learning something I may never use later on. When I am home I’m too tired and bored to do anything else besides daydreaming, creating a virtual world and hoping that one day it will become reality…but it won’t, because a dream it’s not enough to change an entire life, just like the fact that I am walking doesn’t necessary mean I’m going in the right direction. Dreaming is a just the first step towards change. Then, you have to find the courage to grasp that dream and embed it in reality, to mould it according to the rules of this world.

Life is difficult, they say. A cliché, yet you often feel suffocated. You try to find comfort and resort to solutions which work at the moment but in the long run you are bound to relapse. It’s just like having garbage in front of you and instead of throwing it away once and for all, you keep pushing it until it gets so big that you can’t push it anymore. You need “long-term” solutions, not just flimsy schemes.

This world is up-side-down. But we made it this way so instead of just sitting around complaining we should do something about it. This is our world and if we can’t change it no one can’t. The adults are counting on us youngsters. They hope that we will take a stance to disrupt this corrupted system. Somehow I feel that we are supposed to clean up the mess they made which I find annoying. However, I do feel that we, youngsters, should do something. This entire world is going towards a dead end and its destruction will definitely be our destruction too. Channel all the rotten feelings into changing its course! Negative feelings can be strong stimuli.

They tell you to enjoy the moment using the transience of this life as a pretext, but meanwhile you are supposed to be looking for happiness, a term which although is non-definable, it does imply a long-term state. How can you be looking for happiness which involves the future when you only care about the present? An hour of fun won’t make you feel better for the rest of the year. Soon its charm disappears and all that remains is a beautiful memory which comes back to you veiled in nostalgia. So don’t do things just for the sake of the moment! The future and the past have a greater influence on our lives. They mould us and make us who we are.

The bottom line is that you, youngsters, are strong enough to make it. You do not need drugs and alcohol to have the courage to do what you want, you don’t need cool persons around you to be cool. What makes you stand out from the crowd is individuality. Take a chance and be who you want to be! That’s the only way you’ll be able to live with yourself.
Published: 2008-02-03
Author: Ioana Lupsa

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Lupsa Ioana Cristina

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