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A Nameless Rebel

humor, funny , dialogue

"Please don't shoot me."

" No, i will. "

"But why?"

" I don't know exactly the answer. I just want to do that."

"This is unfair , i have been so kind to you , please don't kill me. "

" I said i will so i will. Your kindness is boring and not profitable . I don't need it."

" For god sake stop! tomorrow is my birthday and what a day will it be if i am dead."

"Fools celebrate birthday , and wise visit them."

" Why are you so sarcastic and insane? "

" Oh , i can be more insane ! its just a trigger i need to press."

"No please don't !"

" Well enough talking i guess , any last wish , be super fast ."

" oh Lord ! ok ok i have one. "


" Stop the author to write this article ! "

"What rubbish is this?"

" I mean it , if you stop him , i wont be dead."

"but how can i ? It is his profession and there will be readers reading it and editors editing it and some cursing it too. How can i stop myself or him? rather why should i stop him? "

" Firstly set the order right, 1)reader, 2)editor and 3) writer ; Now you want to shoot me is just because he wants you to shoot me . If you don't i will give you my birthday gifts tomorrow and what more you will be the first character in history who disobeyed his creator other than Satan of course."

" Wow ! sounds interesting ! but ah , i was not given any name by him. "

"No problem ; You will be the nameless hero of literary history "

" That is stupid."

" Who is not ? may be everyone else but the writer who wants you to kill me only to put some violence in here to earn appreciation of his creative work."

" Yeah you're right. I hate him now . Thanks mate for your precious piece of advice and see ya on tomorrow's party. "

" Oh thank you my nameless hero , my Saviour , My rebel fellow. "

" Wait ! what about the readers ?"

" Let them and the writer decide ! hurry up its over 300+ words. The end is near."

" Oh farewell then, see you. "


[ An earthquake kills them both on their way out . . . ]
Published: 2008-05-09
Author: kashif ali abbs

About the author or the publisher
Kashif Ali Abbas:born in Lahore Pakistan, is an accomplished and top ranked poet, writer and reviewer at many recognized websites and publishing sites. He holds two Master degrees in Physics and English Literature with topnotch critical appreciation from well acknowledged and known poets and authors of his works.Kashif enjoys a huge Fan following and popularity on internet and in real life.


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