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Religion , New Age, Universal Religion , God, Internal God, interior God, and seeking that internal God starting from the meditation.

The man, from always, he needed (and he needs) to practice a religion! In the ignorance of another thing, he worshipped the sun, the moon, the fire... Biological and psicologicamente he developed and, with him, your form of practicing religion, arriving to the refinement of understanding that God is inside each human being, forgetting like this about the external cult, and seeking that internal God starting from the meditation. Arriving to that status, he gets divorced definitively of God/Nature, of the theological Personal God and he approaches of the universal interior God, the Father of all. Starting from then he begins a Religion that doesn't have name, that is not defined by names of Churches, that it is not subject to this or that Messiah. It is the religion in the which each Master has your value; in the which each Master teaches what it is necessary for each knowledge degree. A Master for each evolutionary degree of the humanity! A religion of this nature is a religion of tolerance, of understanding and acceptance on the thought of the other religion, and not a competition religion, pejorative to the other religion in detriment of your own point of view. Anyway, worshipping the sun or the God in himself, the man needs to practice Religion! Fanatic or flexible; considering all as siblings or only to the members of your group; ordering to kill a " competitor " or sending a flower to the Advisor of the Church of the same street - the man needs to practice Religion! Our Seminars form Masters in Religion starting from the teaching of the tolerance, once we are part of that New Age it was of the Universal Religion! All our followers take communion with that thought - and it will be a pleasure you to receive in our courses, lectures and transcendental spiritual practices. We understood that the sky is closer than we imagined, and that to be in him it is simple subject of knowing how to access it! We offered the sky for you that reads us, not the sky theological, traditional, systematic: the sky that is in the deepest of your heart! This is the Religion that we propose. Come to know us! With certainty, the angels will celebrate your arrival! In your personal sky!

Published: 2006-10-26

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My name is Adilson Pinto. I am 47 years old. I have 5 published books. I am Therapist Holístico and Journalist.

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