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A Pampered Society: Airports Need More Amenities


The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that in 2005 US domestic airline passenger traffic was up 4.1 percent from 2004. There were 660 million domestic passengers during 2005 and 10,090,274 flights. That is heavy data. With Gas prices up and shifty economy can American’s look forward to paramount transformation in their airline system?

Most of us have the experienced the anxious feelings, crowdedness, and boredom of waiting around in airports. Many have encountered delayed flights due to inclement weather and heaven forbid some snow storm hits and you’re stuck there overnight. The people are expressing a need for change and they want it now. After all they will end up getting on a fully booked airplane, with people they don’t really want to be bothered with only to be offered peanuts and a cup of wine.

Comment posted by John Finn on "Why, in the name of God almighty, are airports so BORING, BORING, BORING." "I find it more relaxing and refreshing at funeral homes than airports."

Our airports attract people of every kind, male, female, adults, children, rich and poor of every race. Flight rates are high and sometimes it may look as though we are not getting our moneys worth. Can changes be made to accommodate a spoiled public?

Last week USA Today covered a story that received more responses than almost any other travel-related story of the past decade. The Destinations & Diversions section posted an article titled "Piecing Together the Perfect Airport," which stirred up a big roar among unsatisfied airplane users.

USA Today’s wish list included live music in terminals, wine bars and booties for walking through metal detectors. A few readers responded with their suggestions:

T Hephner, a business-development executive in Nashville said, "I would welcome with open arms the amenities you mentioned. The one thing you missed, though, is a place to change your clothes!"

"You forgot the most important security-related amenity —— shoehorns! Nothing says heaven like crushing the back of your brand-new Weejuns whilst trying to force your feet back in." wrote Robert Ference of Lisle Ill.

"You left out my top two: A fitness center —— I'd be greedy if I asked for a pool —— and SHOWERS!" wrote Dan Moynehan, a vice president at a gas company in Chestertown, N.Y. "I just wish I could get my blood moving a bit after sitting on a plane."

"Clearly you don't have young children!" wrote reader Jonathan Blank of Alpharetta, Ga. "You missed the indoor playground, like they have in the Philly airport. Now there's a great idea."

Some readers said they would like to see: fireplaces "to gaze into with a cup of hot chocolate," dry cleaners where travelers can "drop off items on their way out of town and collect them on their way home," manicure shops with a 30-minute guarantee, smoking lounges past security, cigar bars, DVD rental stores, television-free zones, "something besides Starbucks coffee," observation lounges "with a good view to watch planes" and "bathroom stalls sized to take into account that people bring carry-on luggage in with them."

And then there was this e-mail: "With all the male business travelers and long layovers, someone is missing out on the cash cow of a lifetime: a strip club at an airport."

I wish they would oblige all these expectations but they left out adding Hilton and Marriot Hotels inside each airline, along with tropical flowers, trees, exotic birds,a man-made lake surrounded by black sand, and offer free self-motivation seminars.

Ahhh paradise!

Source: USA Today
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Published: 2006-04-03
Author: Treci Cauthen

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