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A Prose of Love

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A Prose of Love

One day a boy and girl were walking on the beach. And as they walked they were holding hands, actually clasping hands. They were just leisurely walking not talking to each other but their bodies were moving in perfect rhythm, their steps in single cadence and their hands swayed in harmony, their eyes and minds in a dreamland. They continued walking on the seemingly endless stretch of sands unmindful of the heat of the sun and the pounding surging tides and the shouts and the laughter and the chatters of the crowds and the bays of the beasts and the chirps of the birds and the whatever and the whichever around and along the beach. they continued walking without talking; they were dreaming the day.

As the evening shadows came they stopped walking and sat on the sand and started to chat. Then the boy looked up and started counting, one, two, three . . . the girl interrupted him and asked him, “What are you doing?”

Boy: I’m counting the stars
Girl: Why?
Boy: That’s how many times I love you!
Girl: You cannot count all the stars!
Boy: Right, I love you in a countless ways and if it takes me forever to count the stars, forever my love for you will be!

The girl squeezed the hand of the boy, then scooped a handful of sands and started counting, “Five, ten, fifteen . . .” The boy interrupted her and asked “What are you doing?”

Girl: I’m counting the sands! And as many sands are there in the whole world that’s how far and how long I will love you!
Boy: It will take more than a life time to even count a portion of the sands in this beach alone.
Girl: Even death will not stop me counting my love for you!

The boy hugged the girl tightly. They looked at each other and they were both amazed at their vows of perfect love. The boy continued counting the stars; the girl went on counting the sands. They fell asleep.

They were dreaming the same dreams together. They were floating in the air, suspended in space somewhere between the stars and the sands. Holding hands they flew around leisurely alternately looking at the stars and the sands. Then they stopped and sat in the cushion of the cloud and started talking:

The Philosophy of Love

Girl: You know that my parents and relatives and even my close friends are against our love relationship. But that would not hinder me from loving you. Only death can make me separate from yoo.

Boy: Don’t say that. Our love will survive all obstacles. Even death cannot take you away from me.

Girl: My parents are planning to take me away to America where they hope to make me forget you amidst the million faces and thousands of places and sandy beaches and towering buildings that seem to reach to the stars. And when the inevitable day comes, I would rather die, kill myself. Death and Hell would be a better choice for me than life in this world separated from you. And when I’m in Hell, I would look for a scorching beach and count the blistering sands. That would keep me busy and forget the pains of the burning fire around.

Boy: If you commit suicide and go to Hell, I would make sure that I will go to Heaven. And when I’m there I will continue counting the stars until I find a shooting star, catch it and ride it down to snatch you from Hell and then we will soar like an eagle back to Heaven.

Girl: But that’s impossible! You cannot go down to Hell. You cannot leave it once your there and we will both be scorched perpetually. No, better for you to be up there and let me just suffer alone. After all it would be my own doing that I would be down there. No. I cannot allow that.

Boy: Why not? You said that you rather kill yourself than live but apart from me. What about me? Can’t I choose to be with you wherever you are, even in Hell! That’s unfair! You don’t have the monopoly of the philosophy of love. If you don’t like this option, and don’t like me to suffer with you then there is another alternative. Take the advice of your parents and go to America. We are separated but at least I’m happy you’re not suffering in Hell.

Girl: You don’t understand! I said I cannot live here on earth separated from you. I’d rather kill myself and in Hell than live here away from you. Going away, leaving you is not an option to me, it’s not my choice; it’s their choice not mine. There’s a big difference between the two. I’d rather suffer out of my own choice than suffer by the choice of others. I have my own life to live. It’s a gift to me by God. Nobody can take away that gift from me.

Boy: Okay, I get your point. But try also to understand mine. You love me, I love you. We have a common factor, love. So why worry my being with you even in Hell. Love cannot exist alone. Love needs love, and that’s us. How can there be love if we are separated as you try to philosophize earlier. There is no love between us unless we are together. See we have the same philosophy of love. You cannot bear to live if we are separated, but you rather stay in Hell and I in Heaven. We are separated and this time perpetually. So where is love in your choice? As I said you don’t have the monopoly of choice. If your choice is different from mine how can there be love? See the point?

Girl: But my love is for you not for me! That’s why I sound inconsistent even to the point of being misunderstood with my stupid philosophy. Maybe I’m really stupid, stupidly in love. Anyway, history is replete with stupid lovers - - - classic examples are Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Samson and Delilah, David and Bathsheba, Anthony and Cleopatra - - - well I think the world exists because of stupid lovers! Without them where would we be?

Boy: Okay, okay. But my love is for both of us, that’s why I’m persistent even at the expense of being branded a romantic idealist - - - Odysseus and Penelope, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Romeo and Juliet, the Beauty and the Beast and a host of unheralded love fantasies - - - because of them the world does not only exist but becomes a garden of hope that nurtures mustard seeds of faith, and faith makes the impossible, possible!

Girl: Alright, I give up, you win. I will wait for you in Hell. But there’s just one more question that’s bothering me. How do we fly out of Hell?

Boy: Simple! We will soar on eagle’s wings. You see how the eagles roam the air? They don’t fly like other birds. They ride the air, they soar, they glide. They use the natural pneumatic highways of hot and cold lanes. Like the eagle we will use the hot lane and that’s not a problem. Hell is full of hot air and so there is no other way except up and since the temperature is so high that in less than a split second we’re out of Hell that nobody would even notice you missing nor even remember you were there, as if you were not in Hell at all. Then we will be in deep space gliding and this time we will hitch a ride in Elijah’s chariot on our way to the kingdom of Heaven never to be separated again.

Girl: Wonderful! One last question. How can you come to Hell without being noticed by Satan and His cohorts?

Boy: Double simple!! Because my love for you is true and I come from the Kingdom of light I am shielded by the principal elements of eternity - love, truth and light. First, these three do not and can never exist in Hell, therefore I am invisible to Satan. Second, granting that Satan would espy me and try to use super-dark signature eyeglasses, he cannot allow me to linger because the other two elements - love and truth - would soon neutralize all the evils in Hell, thus it would be preferable to let me go as fast as possible. Third, remember that you committed suicide because of love and that love is also true love except that it was wrongly expressed and as the overused saying goes, “The means does not justify the end.” So you still have the two elements of eternal life present, an overwhelming majority. But the third element is not totally dead; you still have that flicker of hope; don’t let that very faint light burn out by default. Find that beach in Hell and continue to count the grains of sand and your mustard seed of faith alive in your heart. Satan knows that if you stay long in Hell you will infect the others and the deadly virus of hope and faith and love will spread out like wildfire and sooner or later all His allies and captive souls will die and His domain will be lost. So he would pretend not to see me and would rather let us go immediately.

Girl: Why would he pretend and not just let us go?

Boy: Because that’s his nature. He cannot accept the truth. Satan being the master of deceit has to deceive himself. And as a wily compromiser, He would rather lose one soul than lose the whole kingdom.

Girl: One final little question. So you get me out of Hell, how do you know that the gate of Heaven will be opened for me?

Boy: Triple simple!!! God is love and He cannot deny Himself. Besides, it’s not God that sent you to Hell; Satan made you do it just as he deceived Eve. Jesus is the good Shepherd; He would rather leave the ninety nine to find and save one lost sheep. The Holy Spirit, the Advocate will bear witness to the truth.

The dream suddenly ended. Morning came. They were nowhere in the beach.

The Mystery of True Love

They woke and rose up from different beds, in different rooms, at far apart buildings. They both prepared to go the offices and ran toward the bus stop coming from different directions. Suddenly their eyes met and the glow of love and feeling of having known each other enveloped them. Without uttering a single word, they clasped their hands and the boy helped the girl board the bus. They sat together on a two-seated row still holding hands in silence. They got off on the same bus stop but parted ways in opposite directions for their offices.

After office hours, the boy hurried to the bus stop but the girl was not around. The boy felt uneasy and stretched his neck looking in the direction where she walked away in the morning. Just as the bus was approaching, he saw her running towards the bus stop. He extended his hand to take her up the bus and again they traveled silently holding hands and when they got down, before they parted they faced each other holding both their hands together, their eyes full of love and joy.

Girl: Okay, I’m convinced. See you in Hell.

Boy: Sure! Wait for me, not even Hell can stop me spring you up to Heaven.

They both laughed and before they parted, said together in unison:

Boy & Girl: Let’s go home and continue our dreams.

End of the short love story and long definition of love.

Published: 2006-07-26
Author: Apolo Jucaban

About the author or the publisher
Filipino, male, married,2 children, two grandsons.Education: A.B. English,in Literature; B.S. Geology; Master in Environmental Planning all taken from the University of the Phillipines post-graduate in Groundwater Development, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
Profession: More than 15 years in the government as project manager/director; about 25 years in as consultant,local & foreign assignments. Have various unpublished & published papers, technical reports, seminar papers.

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