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A Slice of British opportunism: The day of the Jackal?

Frederick forsyth, day of the jackal

There is an air of mystery surrounding some well known British authors like Frederick Forsyth. Their intrigue ridden themes have always given a kind of acceptability to terror operations and encouraged duplicitous behaviour. Most of his fiction works deal with stealth operations that cannot succeed even partially without the help of undesirable elements of some kind or the other.

This is a real story narrated in an ancient Sanskrit work. A greedy and wicked woman had a son whom she groomed. Both of them were to neglect duties, shun renunciation and mock truth. The demonic lady would persuade the son to commit heinous of acts to bring wealth and influence to satisfy her greed and selfishness. The son would follow. One fine morning the criminal son fell into the trap set up by the police. He was duly arrested and after being pronounced of death sentence for his crimes the son sought a moment’s interlude and duly thrashed up his mom to death.

Mr.Forsyth’s dealing with Tim spicer, a former british marine, a man simultaneously at the center of a number of scandals provoked by his global mercenary activities and of an effort to legitimize the status and sanitize the image of the country's "dogs of war" – soldiers of fortune who have mounted coups, guarded British, U.S. and Arabian, pakistani dignitaries and ambassadors, engaged in civil wars, and run sabotage and terror activities from behind hostile lines, is quite similar to the above.

Mr.Forsyth is among the few shareholders of spicer’s security firm aegis and also is known to have links with controversial London brokers lloyd’s. Eversince he arrived at the scene with his novel “day of the jackal”, the author has always held views that are questionable and encouraged practices that are certainly illegitimate and duplicitous for ex- forgery and subversion.

Spicer’s controversial involvement in sierra leone, papua guinea and a host of small and big African countries which was certainly inspired by forsyth’s fictional works were not without small personal financial gains. This becomes even more obvious when one looks at some of the major british businesses which has the blessings and stakes of the duo’s mercantile patrons in the UK. One is now reminded of illustrious king yudhistiran’s reply to a question by god of death that:” The greatest wonder in the world is that inspite of witnessing countless deaths daily the desire of those who are alive to continue to live and live comfortably.”. Certainly one’s poverty is more desirable to the gains begotten either through above means or its indirect impact.

Even in his works Mr.Forsyth displays very mediocre and low key knowledge of world dynamics. It does seem that the author is neither an innovation buff nor has the true knowledge of businesses but only opportunistically traverses those fields. His fence sitting, mundane, plain vanilla offerings and observations has had very few takers. Writing on crucial topics like security Mr.Forsyth displays specious knowledge about oriental terrains like India which experienced all kinds of terror spewn by rogues for long. And now the most serious and important flaw. The author who is not averse to being opportunistic and duplicitous can never see the true nature of things can hardly form an opinion against the evil. This is not the forte of those without, firm and true knowledge of truth.
Published: 2009-04-13
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

About the author or the publisher
A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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