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A sociocultural analysis on personal fulfillment

Fullfillment, personal fulfillment, self regard, success

The sometimes provocative search for personal fulfillment has left people with little or no intuition about what is regarded of them as individuals. Often we misinterpret the purpose we exist in a global hierarchy, where loads of potentials lie.

In as much as finding fulfillment is an enormous desire for people, it should be known that money is not all to getting a fulfilled life. It takes an inner consciousness of bliss, the knowledge of our fundamental functionality as human beings wherever we find ourselves, as well as having a right attitude and finally the certainty of security and peace of mind.

The evolution of peace begins from having a secure environment, be it immediate or extended. The free felling of the ability to handle physical and mind aching troubles if there will come any. Insecurity is one of the causes of lack of candor we find in people within most societies showing negatively on every aspect of a societal well being. In essence when an individual feels physical or emotional insecurity, it brings about a psychological effect on the individual’s personality with the way he or she relates with people, growing to a point where the person begins to have total consideration about him or herself more than for others. I mean; this total consideration in other words, selfishness, connotes the unable-ness to find trust in people.

The consistency in this lack of trust creates a setback in communication further leading to weak verbal interaction and more physical action, where acts like treachery, greed, attitudes of disregard etcetera becomes the result.

Nevertheless, so many people are not moved by their own negative personality traits, unconsciously creating chaos even in the slightest misunderstandings. It takes a lot of courage to back down in the face of such stretched out situations but we know that it goes a long way towards bringing such situations to calm state. Analysis shows that building up tolerance of one another’s weaknesses is to draw a line between our personal expectations and the expectations others have for us. Certainly we all don’t think the same way although pushing in one direction towards a common goal of finding success and fulfillment is one fundamental similarity we share.

One question is how can I understand others when understanding my self is driving me to the wall? I would not say someone with such a question is yet to set sail on the voyage of finding fulfillment, preferably, any once with a thought as this is not ambitious enough to lay out goals for life – follow principles. The certainty of self understanding is established on the knowledge of what one aspires to achieve and the corresponding belief that much of what it takes to realize such aspirations comes from believing in ourselves. It is actually not near overwhelming finding people with lost ambitions and expectations but it is quite amazing when such people skip out on opportunities giving excuses like not understanding how the world or people relate to them. Truth is, how do you relate with the world? There is an answer to this questions and it is very much within everyone’s reach.

Simply put standing up to responsibilities , owning up to mistakes, fighting drawbacks then using them as stepping stones to build aspirations not forgetting to engulf oneself with self confidence. Everybody is created with a level of self confidence, simply build yours and then you can create a stable link between yourself and the people around you. Our functionality in our world is shown in our determination to sustain our aspirations for fulfillment, but we are rather skeptical about reaching the heights we set. The problem is lack of desire.

Research has proven that individuals with an inner driving force that compels them towards achieving any goal always see positive results. People wish blindly for what the want to secure in life, unfortunately neglecting the fact that it is desire with passion that executes expectations. Money is a key example on this particular matter; well we all seek financial stability isn’t it?

After having an earnest desire to have cash, the next prefatory thing your desire should create should be what you intend to do with the money when it comes. I call it a strong reason or purpose. Perhaps an investment or a little thing at the store, a strong reason or purpose ultimately attracts ideas to gauge your targets. Been passionate about the money is not at all the big deal, the passion should rest on the prospects of our intentions, what it is we hope to achieve when our expectations get granted.

In summary, it is pointless having a desire without been passionate about it. Things rarely work that way. We should learn to take a closer look at the over all picture grasp the knowledge of what is regarded of us as individuals by optimizing our potentials, taking into consideration the personalities of others and creating an optimal environment where everyone can attain their highest level of efficiency bringing about environmental and personal development.
Published: 2009-03-06
Author: Moses Tebu

About the author or the publisher
I am a Nigerian by nationality from Kogi State. Born on the 24th of March, 1989 which makes me currently 19 years old. I had all my education so far in Nigeria where i live with my Family and im currently a High School graduate. I like Writing articles and poems reading novels taking tours and studing economic and business issues.Appreciation of arts and desing is of a major importance to me as well as music. I intend on taking another level in my writting proficency.

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