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A tale of mala

story, fiction

Mala was very happy, when her result came. She has passed her eleventh grade with distinction. She announced her result proudly to her parents, neighbors and friends.

To tell about Mala, she is slim, good looking with a small mole in her under lip, which made her look more beautiful. Though she is of seventeen years, she had enough maturity. But she feared her parent’s law and orders. They are farmers with many superstitious beliefs.

Mala helped her parents and took care of her two siblings when they are out for work. The work made her tired but learning didn’t. Since she was a village girl, no dreams bothered her. Daily household work and studies made her busy. She had no interaction with others, once she reached home. Whence the school reopens, some of this burden gets shifted to her mother.

“Mala, how was your holiday?” was the first question to her when she reached school
Her reply will have a sad tone “As usual”. It’s because nobody had a circumstance like hers.

Everyone knew about Mala and her family. All were her friends and school was a sweet home to her. She was an active participant in many co curricular activities. But everything is within the school.

Her parents were her obstacles in every matter. They made her live according to their traditions followed from their ancestors. According to them, girls were supposed to get married after attaining a certain age. Women were meant for work and studies had no role in their life.

The life continued like a rotating machine for Mala and she always adjusted with her parents and the works. She loved her siblings and got no anger, while taking care of them.

She never thought of her future and got worried. Like a small child, she was unaware about the development that takes place in the country.

For her Diwali holidays were special. It was because; her birthday falls on diwali day. She always gets opportunity to spend her birthday with sweets, crackers, lights and a new dress. It was her eighteenth birthday and many of her relatives visited her. It wasn’t an unusual visit. She realized that they had come for fixing her marriage with one of her distant relative’s son, who is 8 years older than her.

“No marriage to me, now” Mala shouted while sobbing to her mother.
“Everybody gets married now or then. There is nothing important other than this for you. I don’t have a negative reply to them. Bring tea, in front. Quick”
“But… I can’t. I want to continue my education.”
“This is your luck. None will agree to continue the education of the bride after the wedding. But they agreed to continue yours. You won’t get a groom like him. So, obey me. Come in front”

Mala had no other go, but to obey her mother’s word.

The wedding bell rang, and Mala got married. She was shifted to another place, which is very far from her home village. She couldn’t bear the pain of leaving her native place. Whenever she thought of her school, tears rolled down from her eyes.
It was hard for her to get settled in the new place. Her in- law’s big house, which was a joint family was in city. City was new to her and many things were surprised her.

The experience in her new house was terribly bitter. She couldn’t bear the shouting of her in- laws when a work is not completed by her. She made Mala work hard and found a reason to scold her daily.

Meanwhile, during her maternity period in her home, she declined a marriage proposal of one of her younger sister and advised her to study further and to get a job. She later explained her woe tale; she had in her in-law house.

For two years, even after delivering a child, Mala had no peace in the house. Quarrel was the main chore she always had. Any fault of hers was very big issue for her in-law.

Mala’s husband was aware of the situation, but never argued with his mother. Everybody supported Mala and it was a relief for her to have someone to support her.

One day, she boldly spoke to her husband for moving to another house. The situation was worst and she couldn’t bear the intolerance of her in-law. Mala, shouted against her when her parents and the dowry were dragged into the quarrel.

Within a week, she shifted to a new house with her small family. Now she has free time, which never occurred to her. She recollected her past life and realized the importance of the education. Household works made her tired for all these days and now she started to find free time. Her decision to continue education was appreciated by her husband. With confidence, she continued her life properly with meaning after that.
Published: 2009-01-17
Author: Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

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I really love writing and reading and so I have started an account in this site. I feel writing as a best way to express one's view, and this opinion made me interested in writing....and this interest will continue till my heart beat.

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