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A Thought

potential, poetry, shy, breaking the fold, a thought, thought, thoughts, poem, Judith H. Terry

unseen, unheard, unknown
palatial wonder,
a mountain in a sea,
the darkness of the abyss,
lurking, yearning, hoping,
yet never fulfilled in
awe, splendor, conquest,
lost in definition,
found in invention,
death in conformity,
life in spontaneity,
where shall you head?

every wall a door,
every door the grim reaper,
the sword’s edge of angelic blue,
the shield’s steel of hellish red,
sweet kiss of life on death’s bed,
or fellow to death in eternal life?

tearing, breaking, gnawing
soul transgresses
all hopes, dreams, views,
one against nothing,
no thing against all,
grates the sickle of
harvest, death, redemption,
darkness in a sea of light,
harsh cold wind of tranquility,
peaceful warm sun of destruction,
plush sofa from withered hands,
hardware from pampered minds,
break the folded blanket,
destroy the manicured knowledge,
and live in the freedom of destiny,
unpredictable in its predictability,
unessential in its necessity,
the truth unfathomable in the
etchings of time, in
broken rhyme, simmering
via his wine,
a thought divine, mine.
Published: 2007-01-04
Author: Judith Terry

About the author or the publisher
My name is Judith H. Terry. I am currently studying in the fifth year of a Bachelor of Medicine and the Bachelor of Surgery degree at the University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. I've written a novel, a play, poetry, and short stories in the past. I am currently working on a medical novel that intergrates health within the context of person, body, mind, soul, and environment.

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