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A Visit to LandMark

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A Visit to LandMark

I happened to visit this book shop at Forum, and was surprised to see its huge collection, you think of any literary book under the sun, and you are sure to find it there. It was my first encounter with such magnificent collection, after my college library. I had been to British Council Library at Connaught Place in New Delhi and the bookshops at Daryaganj and Naya Bazar Chandani Chowk in Delhi. But here the experience was quite different I felt as if I was in the lively company of those great writers, I could feel their presence.
In wider sense books can be divided into three categories; books of the hour, books for the day and books for all times. We can put newspaper and comics in the first category, their shelf lives are very short. We can read them once only; after that they loose their importance for us. In the second category come short stories, novels or other literature which has contemporary relevance. We may read it more than once. The third category comprises of all great works of art, they never loose their relevance, and we love to read them again and again. They leave an undeniable impact on us. Each reading enlightens our soul and helps us to become better human beings.
I became quite nostalgic and remembered, that bye-gone era, along with the poem, “My days among the dead are passed”. I relived those moments, when in eleventh class this poem was first taught to the class by Ms. Hemlata, at that time we found the poem very dull and dreary. May be Hemlata’s enchanting beauty interested us more, we loved to discuss more, what sort of match she will get, or what type of dresses will suit her lithe figure more.

Again, in B.A. final year, this poem was taught to us by Ms. Prem Mahindra, she was fifty plus, single and very beautiful so this time again the attention of the class was more on her single status, what might have prompted her for this spinsterhood, than on the poem itself. Ah! those moments surely had a winged flight.

Well I was talking of LandMark and its wonderful collection of books.
It was interesting to see, that so many new Indian writers, have come up on the scene with their fresh ideas, many of them belong to the younger generation. The works of these younger writers, enable us to have a glimpse into their psychology, how they look at the world, with their starry eyes along with the promises of a brighter future.
I was filled up with a sense of remorse for not contributing in this field, but as is said, hope is the last thing, that dies even in a dying person. So, I have every reason to nurture a hope, who knows one day my daughter’s works may find a place in these shelves, she has been endowed with finer sensibilities and a creative genre that is required for producing a real work of arts.
Published: 2006-07-20
Author: Vineeta Sehgal

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