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About Natural Skin Care Products

natural skin care products

Don’t you think that the largest sense organ of your body needs a bit of extra care? Have do you ever thought of the qualities a good skin should have? A healthy skin should be soft, shiny, elastic and with a glow of uniform complexion. If you feel you don’t have these try to analyze and make it better and if you are among the luckiest to have such an attractive skin try to maintain the same forever.

Why to choose natural skin care products?

Beauty products have become very essential in our life and you may grab many of the promising products to help you in your everyday skin maintenance. You may feel hype and stylish to use them.

You might be shocked to know that most of the skin care products are toxic and chemical based. They also contain synthetic additives like glycol, lanolin, propylene, perfume and silicone.

You make feel happy that it gives the desired results at the desired time and would plan to continue forever but as you know our skin is composed of multiple layers containing lipids, through which it absorbs easily and when these chemical based products meets up the dermis, in great probability it penetrates and mixes in the blood stream of our body. In that case you are giving access to thousand of chemicals to enter your body undesirably.

Facing the consequences of ignorance is definitely a bitter experience, so know more before you make decisions.

Few facts that cannot be denied

•A glamorous skin is always appreciated and recognized and in a way they are the most attractive part of you, caring for it the right way is most important.
•In recent days many people tend to welcome a natural and organic lifestyle, so the skin care products are of no exception.
•They are obtained from the nature products.
•The ingredients are extracted from the highest quality crops, which are grown with out the influence of chemicals and pesticides.
•By using the natural skin care products it might burden you financially but you are saving your skin from allergies, pre mature ageing and chemical influence in your blood.
•They are sometimes astonishing in results for some type of skin as your skin tends to improve naturally and hence it gives a permanent remedy.
•Unlike chemical based products the natural products also come in wide range like cleanser, toner, day cream, scrub, vitamin mix, body lotion, hand and body lotion, spa, creams and many more to suit specific and all types of skin.
•They provide nourishing protection.
•Even the colored and perfumed ones are also obtained from the earth minerals.
•These products with plant extracts ands natural ingredients are also available for different seasons and to suit all ages.
•Some of the effective and costly ingredients used in these products are rosehip oil, cranberry oil and pomegranate oil. They are doubtlessly precious through which you can obtain valuable benefits.
•They are also authenticated and certified to build your confidence.
•Regular use of these helps you maintain you skin’s health, repairs tissues, fights against pre mature and wrinkles, improves complexion and makes you feel soft, silky smooth and elastic.
•They are purely vegetarian.

How to choose the best one?

•Many companies produce sample or trial packs, which helps you to decide.
•You may see a label saying it is natural or organic which does not necessarily mean 100% natural, so always make sure all the ingredience are natural.
•These products have short expiry, buy the one that is latest.
•Since it is natural never conclude that it suits everybody. Allergy is not caused only if it is chemical even some natural ingrediance may lead to infections.
•Identify your type of skin (oily, dry, normal or combination) and use the one that is of your type. Oily skin—feels greasy, creams does not get absorbed quickly and has pores visibly. Dry skin—tight and rough, absorbs creams quickly and rarely affected with pimples. Combination skin—oily in summer and tight in winter, they are normal type of skin.
•In is also weather based, look for products that suits the weather.
•follow the tips provided to use the product, as many natural products require systematic use.Try to use all products of same brand, which could help in enhancing the results.
•If you belong to dry skin category use products that are fruit extracts.For those with oily skins can use products from plants such as cocoa and plan.
•There is not much regulation to introduce a skin care product, so it could also be a mix of toxic it calls for caution.

Nothing is valued in terms of cost, brand or style only a positive result stands appreciated. A natural skin care product definitely lives up to your expectation.
Published: 2008-01-19
Author: subashini srikumar

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