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Accept and own up !

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Buddhism has an underlying principle, “Every condition has a reason and every reason has its effect”. We can’t shirk results of our actions. Accepting results help us to grow well. We can’t hold others responsible for whatever wrong happened to us.

We have to realise life is like a highway which can’t be crossed with closed eyes. Our own carelessness leads us to undergo suffering. When we don’t take care of our body, mind, family, and career, we face many negative emotions confronting us. They could be anger, jealousy or self- condemnation. Then we can’t turn our back from results of our actions. Acceptance helps us to come out of negative attitude.

By accepting what we did, we are bound to receive inner strength, support, option for our betterment.

Keep acknowledging Others!

We all undergo some kind of disagreements with our loving ones! Then as a remedial measure we take help of behavioral therapist or a mature person to sustain that relationship

All we receive is the same universal advice; acknowledge the presence of others in your life. We may wonder why we have to acknowledge presence of our loving ones when most of us deal with them daily!

Well! Here lies the problem we often refuse to accept those precious favors done by others in our life. We fail to recognize all those precious moments spent together
We also fail to give thanks for love and care shown by others.

Acknowledging others simply means, loving, accepting and sharing our precious moments with our loved ones and without expecting any thing in return. It may look easy but is difficult as well!
Published: 2007-04-05
Author: ashish dimri

About the author or the publisher
Ashish Dimri is an Indian Journalist.He holds a master degree in Mass -Comunication.
His articles has been appreciated in many literary forums.His niche is personality features,motivation

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