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Adding location with party tents

party tents

Creating space

I have always found it funny how people create space. For example, imagine milling around in a field with a bunch of other people. Imagine that there are a few tables set up, and that food and drinks are being searched. There is nothing in this field except for the tables, the grub, and the people. Feels a little bit awkward, doesn't it? Feels like almost a party, but without location. Now imagine setting up a few party tents above the crowd. Imagine that there is a party canopy with some happy birthday banner hanging from it. On one level, nothing has changed. The same people are there, the same refreshments are being served, and it is still out in the middle of a field. Yet somehow, you have given the event location. This is what a party tent can do.

Inside in the outside

Party tents are pretty amazing like that. They have been around since at least the Middle Ages, if not before. There are some practical aspects to party tents. They provide shelter from the sun, and even some limited protection from the wind. All in all, however, they are nearly useless for protection against the elements. They can make you more comfortable, but it's not like having an enclosed room. What is great about party tents is that they provide you with a feeling of inside and outside. Once one is set up, you are either at an event in the party tent, or walking around outside the party tent. Without that tent, you are just milling about in the middle of the field.

Tents means festival

Of course, party tents can do more than provides a definition of space. They add a lot of color to your event. You don't need a circus tent to create a feeling of spectacle. A moderately priced, moderately sized party rental tent will do the trick just fine. It creates the feeling of something unusual and special. Tents mean festival to people, and therefore your party – whether it is big or small – is a festival of sorts. Although they can cost a lot of money to rent, they are a lot cheaper than an indoor space. You can get them for a fraction of the price, and they can transform your backyard into a parade ground. That is why I use them for all of my summer parties. As long as the weather holds, party tents are the way to go.
Published: 2007-10-02
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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