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Adding some chic with bathroom mirrors

bathroom mirrors


One of the most important rooms in the home is the bath. This little area is so important that a well groomed bath can increase the value of a house. Little details mean a lot in this space. That’s why every purchase, including bathroom mirrors, is significant for this area.

Basic medecine cabinet mirror

Bathroom mirrors come in many shapes and forms. Classically, we have seen rectangular plain designs that hide the contents of the medicine cabinet. This well worn design is fine but you may want to consider adding a little more pizzazz to your bath. Today’s bathroom mirrors go far beyond their utilitarian function.

Elegant frames

You can embellish your bath with bathroom mirrors that have elegant frames. You still have all of the utilitarian value of the plain design but with the extra texture and color of the framing. Adding this little detail can make all the difference in your space and it can increase the value as well.

Oval shape

Many of us are sick to death of the rectangular shape. We want smooth lines and rounded edges. Those who want a little softness in the space can opt for elegant oval bathroom mirrors that are nothing short of stunning. This design is my particular favorite because it puts a new spin on an old classic.

Oval mirror with pedestal sink

Paring oval bathroom mirrors with a pedestal sink is a wonderful idea for creating a fresh look from a traditional theme. This look is a truly timeless winner that will never go out of style. The oval bathroom mirrors are wonderful because they are formidable but quite feminine as well.

Wall mounted units

And while we’re on the topic of bathroom mirrors, we might as well touch upon the many wall mounted units that are so valuable to many people on the go. You can choose wall mounted bathroom mirror that offer a little extra light as well as fog free designs that can help you get ready in a snap.

Classic round

The classic round wall mounted bathroom mirrors are always in vogue but some of us want something a little different. I really like the suction bathroom mirrors. They are fog free and they stick right to your wall or inside the shower stall.

Many other design

There are a plethora of other designs to consider in bathroom mirrors. You can find the latest trend in bath decorating themes or you can choose a classic look that appeals to you. The options are seemingly endless for this very important room of the home.

Anyway, when redecorating your bathroom, don't forget there is plenty of choices out there, and not all expensive.
Published: 2007-09-18
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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