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Adult or baby animals?

baby animals

Attraction of children towards baby animals

Many children are attracted to animals for reasons that I don’t fully understand. Perhaps it is because they have finally found something that is smaller than they are, or perhaps it is because animals resemble some of their toys, and maybe they think of them as toys that move and play on their own. No matter what the reason, children seem to have a fascination with animals, and they often have a great reaction when they see baby animals. They may relate even more to the babies.

Adults are also attracted to baby animals

Adults are drawn to baby animals as well, and some like to have them as pets. They often forget that though they are cute when little, they always grow up. This causes a lot of problems for some baby animals that grow up, and suddenly find they are not wanted any longer. This can happen around Easter when people get baby chicks and bunnies for their children as a gift. The children can’t care for them, they grow up, and the adults are tired of doing it. These animals end up in shelters.

Baby or adult animals?

However, there are many responsible people who want to have baby animals so they can have the pet from the beginning of life to the end. It makes for a very nice bond, but most animals will create a unique bond with their owners whether they are babies or not when they come to a home for the first time. Shelters often have baby animals that are up for adoption, but the majority are grown adults. It’s heartbreaking to see them in the cages, knowing they will be great pets, when they are passed up for the kittens and the puppies.

First stop after buying an animal: veterinarian

Whether you want to get baby animals, or if you are looking for an adult animal to take home, you do have to be careful where you buy. Some are not healthy, but you may never know it before you take them home. Shelter animals are often healthy, and if they are not, they will tell you before you take one home, or they may not release the animal to anyone until it is in good health. When you buy baby animals from anywhere, make sure you take them to a veterinarian immediately to be sure they are in good health. Some make a living selling sick animals, and that is just heartbreaking for everyone involved. A vet can tell you about the health of the animal, and will give necessary shots, if needed.

I hope this article will help you to choose between a baby or an adult animal. And don't forget, baby grows up.
Published: 2007-09-17
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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