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Advantage Flea Medicine

advantage flea medicine

Has your dog or cat ever had fleas?  If they have you know the mess, smell and possible toxic effect that some of the shampoos and other products can have not only on your pet but on you.  With Advantage Flea Medicine you simply place 3 to 5 drops on your dog's or cat's back and you are done. Within minutes the Advantage Flea Medicine begins to work and your pet will stop getting bit by the fleas. Advantage Flea Medicine is fast, effective and best of all very simple to use.  It is easy on both you and your pet. It takes a matter of minutes to apply the Advantage flea medication and your pet will not even realize that they have just had a treatment. 
The Advantage Flea Medicine also prevents the fleas and ticks in the first place so by using the simple application process you can avoid the issues of fleas in your home.

With the Advantage Flea Medicine you do not have to pull your dog into the bathroom or try to keep him in the tub while you apply shampoo that not onlysmells bad but can be irritating to not only your dog's skin but yours as well. Some of the shampoos leave your dog's coat dried out and lifeless. With Advantage Flea Medicine your bathroom and you stay dry because it is a simple application of a few drops. This application lasts for a month!  No more trying to keep a tick and flea collar on your dog.  The last time I used one of those I actually had to move the collar to get a tick from beneath it! You simply do this simple application and your dog you and your family is protected for a month.

If you know about the mess that is involved in giving a dog a bath, I know you do not want to recall the last time you tried to stick your cat in a tubor sink of water.   I still have the scars on my arms from the last time I tried that one!  With the Advantage Flea Medicine you simply part the hair and place a few drops on the back between the shoulder blades and you are done.  The cat is happy because the fleas stop biting in minutes.  You are happy because you do not have blood running down you arms from scratches and you do not have to deal with the drama of a terrorized cat.  But most important you are not placing your cat at risk by using one of the over the counter flea collars that have been known to kill cats. Protect your dog, protect your cat, protect your home and family from the infestation of fleas with the simple application of Advantage Flea Medicine.

It only takes a matter on minutes each month to have a happier healthier pet and the ease of mind that you will not have fleas in your home.  Try the Advantage Flea Medicine today and throw out the flea shampoo and the mess that goes with it.

Published: 2006-07-09
Author: Eric Raymond

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