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Aesthetics or Ethics

Acceptance of Merits in beautiful soul vs Charms of beautiful body

We can make our relationships more functional if we prefer to think better over what gives us permanent comfort.Here we are concerned with two important traits in human life, the charm, and the merit.
Every human likes beauties because of aesthetic touch present in human nature. Beauty is the second name of that arrangement which can raise emotions. Every human has some qualities, which are the integral parts of the human personality. The merit is the property of any act, which inspires betterment. First we will see the forms of beauties which are the source of charms in our view whom we can categorize in natural and artificial; all natural things provide natural beauty and all man-made things are source of artificial beauty. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, streams, sunrise, sunset, trees, species, heavenly bodies all are source of beauty for the aesthetic touch naturally and all dressing modes, designing and cosmetics enrich beauty artificially.

We are the most developed species with highly evolutionary brains so to secure all is our duty. It is the universal ethics, which comes in the heart of human beings so there is nothing wrong if the beauty is enjoyed but there is the matter of regard and understanding to deal with everything politely too. For this we need to be just and the human knowledge provides the rules to do so. We can observe the real beauty lies in a sequence, which may be called geometry of every thing, and the arrangement becomes much important in view and thinking.

After leaving sophistication, we are human no more and there is no difference either we live in jungle or in a society. Hence, the merit of any thing becomes more important than its outlook. As human knowledge strives to have the reality of everything, so it tries to get the inner self than the outer self and all the charms may be superficial but the merits are the reality.

We as human beings never want to accept the person as friend who is handsome but careless and regardless. We are attracted towards beauty intrinsically but at last, we confront the reality of beauty. Here we can take beauty as male beauty and female beauty too when we face the matter of love in human life before and after marriage. In this circle, the idea of beauty becomes more serious to discuss because many psychological problems in human society are due to preferring beauty instead of merit.

We should take the matter of merit and charms more near to human life. Because if we abstain from it we will take both charms and merits the mixed things in human life or we will feel, it is all about the nature worshipping and no more.

It is a debatable idea on the importance of merits and charms in human social life. There would never be the problems if we were robots, the emotionless species. However, we are human and to live in a society is more comfortable for us to fulfill our needs than to live individualistically. To deal our activities depend upon our senses how we take the things and the other beings. If we take life physically, we confront the matter of competition, when we feel metaphysically, the matter of cooperation overcomes, and until to the present times we have been living in the matter of hybridization of both ideas. When one wants to enjoy, collect happiness neglects others joys and become careless, for how long he/she be happy.

When we come to the competition sense in the field of achievement in life or living in a peaceful social life we have to follow the rule to accept the merits than the unjust selection. If merit is preferred, it relishes continuously but the charm bores at last if preferred continuously.

Why it is necessary to regard and prefer the merit of anything than to its charm? Simply the real one is the merit of something and the real beauty is the merit of something not the charms that’s meaning is out of range. To be impressed by the merit is knowledge and to be inspired by the charm is ignorance.

As we acknowledge our social life is the system of coordination, and the rule to make this coordination more strong is to cooperate not to be lustrous to make life progressive. Hence, the coordination under cooperation and understanding is the knowledge and the coordination under lust and misunderstanding is the ignorance. Our acts are the reality not the frames and forms.

Here is no need to emphasize on the thing that every person should prefer the merit instead of charm because no one likes the advices but the important is the analysis of history to understand. Here is need to understand the phenomenon “Where there is the regard and acceptance of the merit there is the peaceful society every one is happy and satisfied.

In addition, where every one is chasing the charms of life, lustful the economical and the moral corruption prevail everywhere in the society and that society is full of miseries, cruelties, and every one is always fearful. All social and individual problems are due to preference of charms instead of merit. One who does what with this matter of preference, gets the related outputs! The passionate love that is everlasting is the acceptance of merits of somebody and the love of charms is an occasional thing like a rolling stone that gathers no moss.
Published: 2007-01-28
Author: Susafi

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