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After The Recession


Another Point of View

by James Leonard-Williams

‘America still thinks it has to run the world(1).’
Well – I beg to differ.

“The half millennium during which Europe was the world's primary generator of war - as well as of wealth and knowledge - is coming to a close. But, for better and for worse, Europe's past could be Asia's future.”

Aaron Friedberg(2)- ‘International Security’ (the journal)

One might rephrase that slightly as:
The half century, during which the United States has been the world's primary generator of war - as well as wealth and knowledge, is coming to a close. But, it is better for, Europe, Asia and Africa's future.

Everyone assumes that America has to remain the dominant military and economic force in the world.


Just because ‘everyone’ believes something doesn’t necessarily make it true.

It wasn’t until 1996 that the Catholic Church ‘officially’ admitted to it’s 1.1 billion adherents, that evolution was ‘more than just a hypothesis’ and that the world might not be flat - after a thousand years of insisting that it was.

Just because all the economic rules and business models are written by Americans - for Americans – does not mean that they are necessarily right or that they are unalterable.
How long has America been a dominant force in the world? Not long actually – a smidgen over fifty years.

World Population
The world population stands at something over 6.6 billion.

Of this, China makes up more than 1.3 billion and India, over 1.1 - that’s just two sovereign states with more than a third of the total population of the world.

If you add in the other S.E. Asian countries (NOT including Australia which – let’s face it - is insignificant with a population of less than two thirds that of Morocco) you have more than half of the entire world population!

If you then take Europe with 0.7 billion and Africa 0.9 billion, together the Eastern Hemisphere contains over 85% of the entire world’s people!

The USA has a mere 304,341,000. Together, North America with 515,000,000 and South America with 371,000,000 has only 14% of the world’s population - less than Africa!

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the United States – 8% of the world’s population contained most of the world’s billionaires and controlled a disproportionate percentage of the world’s wealth.

But things have changed and are changing – rapidly.

So – What if?
What if the American led recession is NOT a ‘flash-in-the-pan’ but gets deeper and lasts into 2010?
  1. The American war machine will still be inextricably bogged-down in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, draining the bankrupt US economy further.

  2. Europe’s economy will have declined - dragged down by the United States.

  3. India and China’s economies will have expanded and – as they have grown - they will have bought-up core Western industries AND institutions.

  4. Middle Eastern and oil-rich Sovereign Wealth Funds will own most of the worlds stock exchanges and international banks.

  5. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund will be owned by China and India.

  6. A new World Court will have been set up in Taiwan.

  7. The United Nations will have been abolished as being a farce.

  8. The financial rulebooks will have all been re-written by Indians and Chinese.

When America starts to re-emerge from its self-imposed recession it will find itself in a different world and as an ‘emerging economy’ – one that has to obey the rules not make them and break them – it will scream ‘NOT FAIR’ and it will be able to do NOTHING.

East and West

But now look at the two hemispheres.

There is the West – North and South America – and between them hold less than 1 billion – just 14% of the world’s people. It is just one big island, isolated from the rest of the world by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and with no love lost between the northern and southern parts.

And there is the East – Europe, Africa and Asia – with 86% of the entire population and all neatly interconnected by land and sea – one vast trading block.

What if 92% of the world summoned the 8% that forms the United States to an international court to answer charges of genocide?

What if that World Court ordered the United States to give it all back to the Native Americans?

That’s not possible! Why not?

Didn’t the United States do exactly that with South Africa? Just who the hell were they to tell ANYONE what they should do?

Jan van Riebeeck landed at the Cape of Good Hope with the 90 men in 1652 and set-up-shop for the Dutch East India Company - only 32 years after the Pilgrim Fathers left Plymouth. The Dutch variety of Puritanism – fundamentalism - was at the root of each group.

If there is any difference between the bloody colonisation of the two continents it is that the African colonialists regarded the indigenous people as a valuable resource – to be used and abused – bought and sold. The American colonialist simply slaughtered the indigenous people and then imported slaves from Africa to do the work.

Of course, if a World Court were to do that, America would scream ‘NOT FAIR’ and again it will be unable to do ANYTHING.

Well not quite. It will still have a disproportionate percentage of the world’s supply of nuclear weapons. It will threaten to use them and if it were really so stupid as to do that, Russia, China, India and Pakistan would totally annihilate the entire sub-continent of North America once and for all.

The only regret is that they will also annihilate the 1% that are Native Americans but they might actually be glad to be relived of the burden of misery that has been imposed on them for the past couple of centuries.

The world may then have a chance to re-group and get on with life, and history will look back at the last hundred years as being ‘a short and unfortunate glitch’.

Unthinkable – I don’t think so.
America only started to exert its massive economic clout around the world after the First World War. America’s lethal addiction to the motorcar led the quest for something cheap to slake its insatiable thirst for oil.

But it was only after the end of the Second World War that it started to nurture the idea of being a world dominating power.

If – as now seems more than probable – the United States was dragged unwillingly into a war it didn’t want, by Winston Churchill arranging the attack on Pearl Harbour – then it was the single most damaging thing done to world peace before or since.

America saw Pearl Harbour as ‘a sneaky attack’. Of course – no American immigrant had ever done anything ‘sneaky’ in the entire short history of the country and all the more reason for being indignant at it being done to them.

So - having once removed most of Japan's strike power, Uncle Sam used the concept of sneakiness to stoke a relentless war that has continued unabated ever since.
First it was used as an excuse to free the Japanese conquests, then to remove Japan herself. Next it turned it’s liberating zeal on Europe, Germany and her sneaky Italian allies.

Having (single-handedly in their own eyes) freed the entire world from tyranny, what better than to turn suspicion on your sneaky allies – the Soviet Union. In "scaring hell out of the American people," (Senator Arthur Vandenberg – 1947) Washington was able to set about creating a U.S.-dominated world order – with the support of its population.

The collapse of communism didn’t help Washington’s cause one bit – a world with nothing to fear was not in their game plan so a new fear was needed – a War on Terror ‘to protect our nation’.

Some nation – but as it was the first major colony to successfully revolt against colonial rule, it can make the dubious claim to be the first 'new nation’ - made up from over 50,000 convicts, totally ruthless traders and religious zealots with a persecution complex - all run by the Catholic and Jewish mafias.

The America that greeted the first Europeans was most certainly NOT a vast empty wilderness. There were probably as many people living in the Western Hemisphere as in Western Europe at that time - about 40 million and the number of Native Americans living in what is now the United States - at the start of European colonisation was anything up to 18 million – seve times more than there are left today!!

It is curious but American historians sill routinely refer to “Native-American uprisings”.

Weren’t these indigenous people of the land, just trying to protect their own country – their human rights?

Weren’t they just being forced into their own ‘War on Terrorism’?

Weren’t they being invaded and ruthlessly slaughtered by people who did it – not because of any act of aggression on the part of the Native Americans against Europe – but because Europeans felt that they had some god-given right to hijack an entire continent?

There are now only about 2.5 million ‘Pure’ Native Americans - less than 1 percent of the total U.S. population and they are one of the smallest ethnic groups in the country. Ironic as it is the fact their country.

So, 99% of the god-fearing Americans - or their direct forebearers abandoned their own countires (in order to emigrate and become ‘Americans’). Two hundred years and 163 aggressions later, having successfully slaughtered virtually the entire population of native Americans (probably on of history’s greatest acts of genocide) – somehow - they still feel persecuted.

Shouldn’t they find out how to run their own countries before trying to run the world?

“What,” one might well ask, “is the promise of America?”
“IBM – or – Insh’Allah, Bookhrah, Mâafeesh”

1. The Atlantic Monthly; June 1996; Why America Thinks It Has to Run the World; Volume 277, No. 6; pages 92-102.
2. Aaron Louis Friedberg (born 1956) served as deputy assistant for national-security affairs and director of policy planning in the office of the Vice President of the United States -2003 - 05.
Published: 2008-08-08
Author: James Leonard-Williams

About the author or the publisher
Born in 1948 in West Devon, educated in middle England, I have worked as an architect overseas since 1978. In 1999 I realised that 75% of my working life was spent chasing money that people had no intention of paying me. Since then life is a matter of survival and 'bread on table' is the order of the day. I live in Morocco and most of my time has been now directed towards preventing the government from destroying my wife’s village. What do I do otherwise? Architecting, teaching fix-you-up-and-get-you-home English, writing, journalism, radio and translating - and any other gainful employment.

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