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Air Force One

air force one

I just got a new pair of Nike Air Force One shoes, and I could not be happier. My custom Nike Air Force Ones are the coolest thing that I have seen in years. These ones are a special St. Patrick's day addition, done in bright green and white. Very retro. I am tempted to save my Nike Air Force One shoes for playing basketball, but the thing is, I just can not keep them off of my feet. Everyone who sees me gives me a look of envy when they check out my Nike Air Force One shoes, because they know that I've got the cash flow to buy the nice threads. Some people say its shallow, but I ask you, is it shallow to want other people to look up to you because of your nice clothes. Of course it isn't.

Of course, there are some kids who aren't down with my Nike Air Force One shoes, but they are strictly losers. There's this one hippy kid who always is ragging on my swoosh, because he says that it promotes sweatshops, whatever they are, but I say that he is just jealous of my Air Force One sneakers. All he's got is his “black spot” shoes, which he's always showing off because he thinks the black spot is something special. Yeah, whatever. Black spot is not the swish. And that swish is just what I have got on my Nike Air Force One shoes.

But it is not all about the style, or the performance of Nike Air Force One shoes, although that is part of it, for me. I have never felt more comfortable in my game than since I bought my Air Force 1 shoes. They give me more confidence and agility, and more game all around than I have ever had before. Not like black spot boy who never even plays. But really, What I like about my Nike Air Force One shoes is just being myself. Because, you see, that is really what it is all about. And it is easy to be myself in my Nike Air Force One shoes, because they are exactly what I am all about. But you try to tell that to one of those dorky kids, always complaining about the environment and foreign workers and crud like that. They are so busy trying to impress others, that they never get it.
Published: 2006-07-10
Author: Eric Raymond

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