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Airlines are Set to Offer Broadband Internet In-flight. has the Scoop...

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The power and reach of broadband internet is coming to the air, and it's coming fast. Airliners across the globe are racing to provide this high-demand service to their passengers. No longer will we be restricted to watching looped movies on tiny screens, to the isolation we've grown accustomed to as we bank high into the clouds. In our online, hyper-connected world the precious time we waste sleeping in the sky is set to become a thing of the past. We want web access at anytime and anywhere; we need our indispensable information flow from email accounts, breaking news sites, social networking, and the encyclopaedic wealth of facts and details that abound on the net. Some prominent global airlines are stepping up to this challenge, promising unparalleled access from take off to touch down. Here's's rundown of what's coming our way.

American Airlines, with the help of recent partner AirCell, are set to greet 2008 with a roll out of its first fleet of broadband-equipped Boeing 767s. The service is promising to enable passengers to connect with 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi enabled devices, including laptops, Blackberrys, iPhones, and gaming handhelds. Designed with the power business user in mind, online meetings and VPN sessions will be supported to help optimise their travel time. The service will initially be tested on intercontinental flights, but expect full U.S. coverage shortly after. American Airlines are currently planning to charge for access, with pricing information being release closer to launch.

On the other side of the globe, Australian-based airline Qantas is retrofitting their Boeing 747s with a premium economy class. The tickets are expected to cost about half of a business-class ticket, and come complete with laptop power sockets and, you guessed it, WiFi. The new flight options start in early 2008 but if you can wait, the new Airbus A380s with USB and RJ45 ports as well as laptop power for all seats starts service around August 2008. For the luxurious first-class passengers, there is also a 17" widescreen LCD. Qantas has also announced a trial of offering data access to Blackberries and other GSM devices, so those without a laptop can still stay connected.

German powerhouse Lufthansa previously stepped into the broadband arena with Connexion, supplied by Boeing, but after its unsuccessful run the offer was scrapped. Lufthansa are now teaming up with T-Mobile to offer broadband Internet access and wireless e-mail to its long-haul passengers. The wireless equipped flights are proposed to begin in early 2008. Given Lufthansa's experience in this area, offering wireless previously on three quarters of its fleet, this is definitely one to keep watch for.

With offerings also on the horizon from Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Frontier Airlines, in-sky WiFi seems like an inevitable wave, one that we all can enjoy surfing. To find out more about these airlines, the news, or savings on flights, come to

Published: 2007-09-24
Author: Tina Halford

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“Tina Halford” is a Senior Writer & Journalist working with, an air compare website.Tina writes articles with special focus on the Travel Industry, besides sharing tips and nuggets on booking cheap flights, hotels and travel destination.


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