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All About Stress

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Caught the flu? It could be because your spouse nagged you in the morning, says Jahnavi Sarma

What causes stress?
A perfectly healthy person, doing really productive work, can suddenly feel stress catching up on him. This can be triggered by a very innocent remark made by his boss about him being a few minutes late for his work in the morning or his wife saying that he is not paying her enough attention. It can lead to headaches, cold sores, influenza and, at times, more serious illnesses. Carried over a few weeks, months or even, maybe, a couple of years, this kind of stress can weaken the immune system.

So, what is the solution to stress?
Psychologists give many reasons behind stress and also ways to combat them - counting till ten to curb bouts of temper, yoga and meditation, and taking time out to relax being a few of them. But almost all of them agree on one thing. Eating the right foods can make all the difference. This, they say, strengthens the immune system, giving the individual strength to face the day’s pressures. After all, like they taught you in school, a healthy mind means a healthy body. Nutritional deficiencies can cause and worsen stress. Stress causes an increased need for vitamins and minerals in much larger quantities than are found in our daily diet.

What brings on stress?
According to experts, the real problem could actually be you. Stress is a matter of choice. You can either decide to refrain from worrying about things beyond your control, or drive yourself to meet unattainable perfectionist standards. The best way out is to make the most of your time, do things according to their importance and let go of the rest. And when the pressures increase, listen to what the doctor says and take a good, hard look at your diet. Simplify eating routines and never, ever give up on the balanced nutrition that can help you through stressful times.

Busy schedules can send stress levels soaring. If things are not working out in one aspect of a person’s life, he naturally feels that other areas are worse that they really are. Taut nerves like this can lead to a breakdown in behavioural patterns that are normally kept under a tight leash. However, this destructive cycle can be broken with a few simple steps. And healthy eating one of them. When a person is very busy, it’s easy to forget about a balanced diet by skipping meals or eating anything while on the run. But, what one needs to understand is that this also leads to a loss of energy.

Published: 2006-07-16
Author: Jahnavi Sarma

About the author or the publisher
I am a writer/editor/designer with 16 years experience in journalism and publishing. At present, I am associated with SamPoorna Media and Marketing Solutions.

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