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All News A Bad News

news a commodity, lost sanctity, watchdog, commercial reasons, bad news

Happenings somewhat unusual, however stray and inconsequential may those be, are news today. For electronic media of communication, more particularly the television,the news is just a product on sale, 24 hours a day. Since visuals on television precede words truth takes the back seat. News, for the lack of sanctity, has become just another commodity today . The opinion makers have turned eye- catchers. The common viewer, with a pinch of suspicion, trusts that news and uses it as a tool of his knowledge. He is oblivious of the fact that before coming to him, the truth passes through an unholy process of manufacturing, in addition to the toll of packaging and presentation it takes. He hardly knows that the subject of his news, a personality or an entity, is also an actor with a doctored script. The interest is vested that can however vary from 15 seconds of fame to a bigger and devious gameplan.

The whole value chain from a news maker to the ultimate consumer is nothing but a corrupt intention to gain. Television for its commercial reasons has spawned much of dishonesty in the space that once believed to have had its integrity. From the tone and tenor of the news reader to the reactions and response of the viewers, everything seems influenced. The capitalism has sent morality and social welfare to school, and their absence has allowed every news channel to behave as a crass business enterprise like a retail chain. Gone is the time when the press stood against the power that be, to save the rights of the citizens. It was awarded the status for fourth estate of democracy for its role of a watchdog on political dispensation. Seeing the dying hurry of the visual medium to capture ratings and push subscriptions, it is doubtful that it will hold this esteemed status for long.
We are living in a ‘professional’ world where pizzas can certainly reach homes faster than the police and the ambulance. If this is professionalism, then, it needs to be relocated urgently. But who is going to do that when the fence is destroying the garden.

We have the right to know everything not knowing whether it is really right to know everything .The serious and meaningful news, due to its boring heaviness, is disappearing fast from the knowledge domain. Frivolous and bizarre, for its entertainment quotient, is in vogue.

During the difficult times when means of communication were limited, ‘no news’ was considered good news, because the bad one would anyway reach before cows return home. But now when our lives are invaded by information, all news is certainly a bad news. We should give chance to ourselves to choose what is good and important. Our mortgaged eye balls make business for those who are out to do the killing at the cost of our future, beware!
Published: 2007-05-21

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Trying to live many lives in one. A village urchin to high-profile media professional,a roller coaster ride.A rebellious school teacher in a desire to do something became a disinterested Intelligence officer in the government.Went against what the heart wanted and excelled in the field. Declined the Presidential honour. Quit at the peak and took plunge in the industry of Films and Television. Writing was always there.A poet,film writer with different view about god and religion and science.

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