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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Customer Service

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Towards Excellent Customer Service
Have anyone ever heard about the saying "The Customer Is The King". It is true isn't it, especially so in the hospitality and the tourism industry. The customer by visiting the resort brings in cash to the resort and the top management of resorts better make sure they treat the customers right or they will end up losing their cuastomers.

The Most Important Rule in Customer Service
"Put yourself in the customer's shoes." Customers are human beings and
as such they want to be treated with respect and courtesy. All human beings want a feeling of importance and if you can make the customer feel important he or she will be very happy.

Never Tell The Customer He Is In The Wrong
Never get into an argument with the customer and never make the customer feel that he is in the wrong. Exercise diplomacy and tact when dealing with the customer. Always put youself in the customer's shoes and try seeing things from his point of view.

Welcoming The Customer
When a customer service personnel meets up with a customer, he should greet the customer politely and warmly - Good morning sir,mister,miss or madam.Make the customer feel at home.

Customer Complaints
When the customer complaints to you, it means that he or she wants you to do something about it. Listen attentively when the customer is speaking and when he has finished speaking, you can suggest solutions to his problems or if you do not have the authority to act, you can refer the matter to a higher authority. In that way the customer will feel that you care about him and his problems. So in a nutshell these are the ways to make the customer feel happy visiting your resort. Service is the most important criteria
Published: 2007-11-27
Author: Chan Loon

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I am a Malaysian man aged 55 and I have recently retired. As I have plenty of spare time and I need money to survive, I surf the internet looking for job opportunities. Yesterday I came across your site and here I am signing up as a writer. My interests are in reading and swimming. I can speak and write good English and would like to try my hand as a writer. I would like to write on my life experiences and on self development.

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