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America Will Survive,You Decide !

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Capitalism is out to usurp the best in the lap of mother earth, in the dusk it has created in the name of free economy.Democracy, born from the noble idea of equality and freedom for all, has now being devised to be a tool in the hands of power hungry. The upsurge of capitalistic economy and the sickness of socialism made wealth synonymous to power. Money can buy anything it needs.

It all started from US of America and has made finally all of ‘us’ of America. To start with, US had minimum of natural resources, almost nothing to its size and hunger. It was a ‘free for all’ as a society and then as an economy. The right to live in that country came as strong and powerful reaction to the right to kill; the savagery had given to itself. American capitalism and the democracy, the devil and the savior, are twins of the jungle law of evolution- survival of the fittest. As a result of that America is today fittest to survive.
Socialism (include communism) came up as a noble ideology but after nearly a century of ‘tug –of- war with capitalism, met a square defeat. Ailing as an idea and crippled as a political system it is waiting to be wiped out for its second birth in the cyclical process. It was greed that did socialism in, the same greed that made capitalism thrive. Keep aside the business acumen or the wizardry of the richest of this day; it is first and foremost the greed, the driving force that keeps them going for their insatiable hunger for money. Capitalism gives them the burgeoning power to decimate any thing coming in the way. The lists of the richest and the powerful, appearing every second day in the content less tabloids, keep them in the race. Nobel laureates, in terms of stature and popularity, are mere apologies in comparison to the names topping the Forbes’ list. These capital market leaders are poised to be future owners of the earth. They directly own all the mines, the oilfields, the civic amenities, the infrastructure, and indirectly the governments those rule.

The shock and awe we receive by the inhuman acts committed by the deprived ones, the left outs and the adversaries of this kind of progress is nothing but an obvious reaction. That is, in fact, what we have now plenty in store. Capitalism abhors all inclusive progress as the latter slows the former down. It has brought the world to the brink of a division into the makers and the destroyers. America will perhaps survive this, you decide!
Published: 2007-11-17
Author: Babu Gautam

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Trying to live many lives in one. A village urchin to high-profile media professional,a roller coaster ride.A rebellious school teacher in a desire to do something became a disinterested Intelligence officer in the government.Went against what the heart wanted and excelled in the field. Declined the Presidential honour. Quit at the peak and took plunge in the industry of Films and Television. Writing was always there.A poet,film writer with different view about god and religion and science.

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