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Americanization of Overseas Business Executives

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Within the last two decades, many long standing American corporations have moved outside the boundaries of the United States in order to find comfort zones in foreign lands. This has even had an impact on the way many elite foreign industries have begun doing business themselves. Let us say, it is another process to globalization of the American philosophy, now affecting the way businesses handle financial ambiguities as well.
One area that has been undergoing radical changes is in regards to how businesses are dealing with executive compensation. One of the factors that is playing a deciding role in this idea is based on the notion that certain financial bonuses would be readily available for executives working in the United States, so therefore they should have that same form of compensation of entitlements abroad as well.

These bonuses and stock options are now being incorporated in an Americanized fashion to ensure that high quality employee’s are kept on board, within these global businesses. This makes competition tight among many big time corporations, and the foreign chains of business don’t want left out of the loop either. In that regard, they want to keep up with the American organizations in order to tip the balance of business in their favor. Therefore, the idea of providing stock options, 401k plans, huge bonuses, and many other pluses are being recognized by foreign companies as good incentives to keep positions filled within the ranks of the businesses. This has been found to keep down turn-over within businesses, as well as bringing higher profits in for the companies themselves. By utilizing theses options to the fullest extent possible, the top executives are applying for positions, and happily for the companies, they are finding that people are satisfied with their jobs and feel they are being just as equally compensated for their initiatives and endeavors as if they were working in the states themselves.

Foreign companies especially like this new found technique and it is thought that it will boost foreign exchanges that were once small and insignificant to compete with larger corporations for business opportunities. Also, businesses becoming Multi-National like this are aware that in order to compete they must have the best executives employed on with them, there in lies one of the main founding reasons that these bonuses and various extra benefits are coming into play. Various companies are attempting to compete for the best talented executives out there, and now this is in an international way.
Of course these possible CEO’s are going to go where the bigger fish lie, with the best incentives, and these big time corporations know this. Graham O’Neil states, “These are large companies with global operations.” This philosophy is forcing international businesses to consider who is best for the job in a broader context, not just in one specific region. Foreign companies are aware that, in order to compete with American companies they have to roll out the red carpet and offer the best compensation packages to reel in the big fish. It’s become stiff competition, but favors those individuals in the path of achieving the position of a CEO with a big time company.

Japan, once in rebuttal of Americanized compensation to executives has now even joined the ranks of this fashion of business. They were really left with no choice since infiltration by foreign businesses had been cutting into their ability to keep their top executives on their traditional Japanese businesses payroll. Top CEO’s had been leaving Japanese corporations to go swim with the bigger and better, Americanized corporations. Japan had no option but to change its business philosophy or sink in the enormous wave of global business entities. The year of1997, marked the lift on stock restrictions in Japanese corporations, and this rationale showed appreciation for shareholders and their value (Business Week Online 2001).

Moreover, since Japan has reverted to an Americanization in business style, the whole continent of Asia seems to have followed suit just to keep up. This has allowed these businesses to compete highly with American businesses, but in a way that is obviously American in style. Now these global businesses main goal is to build large and tasty executive compensation packages that will hold on to the highly skilled and talented employees that they have, indeed it is making a marked difference in international business everywhere.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities that exist for executive type minded individuals who would be interested in working abroad. For someone who might be an expatriate, they need to open their mind to the new but endless possibilities of learning new ideas and gaining new concepts from this type style of business. It could be a plus or a negative, depending on how an individual wants to look at it. One thing is for certain though, Americanization is taking hold in a rapidly increasing global manner. No country wants to get left behind so it is indeed best to become culturally diverse to make it in this global sea of business, that is just beginning.

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Published: 2006-04-10
Author: Misty Keith

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Misty Keith is a wife and mother of three. She has been published in many venues on the web, as well as one print publication. Currently she works for clients, assisting them with academic papers of all genres. She can write in non-fiction, fiction, horror, romance, inspirational, motivational; basically all creative styles are a familiarity for her. Creativity and Inspirational are her favorite styles.

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