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America's tryst with Aasuram

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America’s tryst with Aasuram(demonic rule)

The current election in USA is different in many aspects from the previous elections not only in that country but also elsewhere in the world. For first time a candidate has won an election not as much for emphasis on goals and any extraordinary vision but mainly as due to the several firsts he had as personal attributes. The first black presidential candidate, the first afro-american, The first one with muslim backround etc. It is also very obvious that the strained race relations was well exploited by the winner, eventhough this amounts to illegitimate influencing.

Barack Obama’s election victory is as much intriguing as it is surprising. First of all one seeks to explore the reason, motive and ethicity of selecting a candidate with somewhat confusing and vague personal background and highlighting the same as a part of innovative political strategy. At a time when the US is at odds with the Islamic world for its war on terror,choice of such a candidate is not a very advisable political move. Infact this could even point to attempted subversion. Such a move could point more to low level opportunism than to any claim of exemplary professionalism on part of “liberal” democrats. The anti-incumbency factor may have played a role in republican defeat, the same may have contributed to Obama’s surge.

Whatever may be the fact, the domestic problems to be addressed by Obama that were among the key election issues for him are not something very new or herculean. A nation that has been at war for the past ten years, is bound to be affected economically and that is not surprising. The rest of the issues like education, employment, healthcare etc are very ordinary and mediocre when compared to the task of first defeating the strategy of nuclear armed terror sponsoring nations and then formulating strategies to de-nuclearize them through military action. Obama’s comparatively softer stance on Iran which has probably succeeded in building nuclear weapons and also outright rejection of military option against it even if popular is not a right stance. Obama insists on strong action against Pakistan inorder to wipe out al-qaeda but many of his close aides are more friendly to Pakistan military establishment known for its link with al-qaeda and taliban. It is very obvious that Obama would work to get pakistan’s co-operation against al-qaeda even if it would require him to meet Pakistani requirement of persuading India to soften stance on kashmir. One has to keep in mind while taking on terrorist organizations like LTTE and al-qaeda which have used suicide bombing to a telling effect that, they may go to any extent to realize their ultimate goal and that could include surrendering to US their entire top brass including bin-laden. After all why would they desist from doing so when they are getting great opportunities to realize their ultimate goal of making their brethren a strong force? At once one would heave at the tactical foolishness of trading more important goals and strategies to elicit the co-operation of a rogue state in nabbing a few criminals. Such a move will certainly jeopardize US interests worldwide which will again strengthen nations like Iran which certainly aspire to become world powers.

The media tends to see every important contest in the same way as it views sport. So Obama becoming the first afro-american US president is necessarily same as Arthur ashe winning at wimbledon. Such a people centric attitude of viewing moral responsibilities from business perspective is detrimental to the survival of humanity. The scenario speaks of a american yayati syndrome. One has to keep in mind social justice while allocating material resources only but not while discharging moral duties or while dispensing justice and punishment. Viewing Obama as first afro-american president is not same as seeing him as successor of George Bush to America’s highest office. If the first view is to be taken as conventional then one doubts if the conservative tag carried by republicans could be more appropriate for democrats as the latter have literally accepted prophet jesus christ’s views on egalitarianism by elevating to presidency a mixed race individual, who may have drawn enough leverage from bogus voting as well. Democrats have indeed realized the messiah’s dream and lived upto his teaching word-by-word. Every form of racism is abhorrent and detestable. The current scenario does imply that there is more to it than meets the eye. As for republicans atleast for the timebeing one is reminded of those last Roman emperors before the onset of christianity.
Published: 2008-11-06
Author: K Sethu Madhavan

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A management professional with eight years experience in telecommunications industry, I have written a lot of articles in subjects related to management and strategic information analysis.

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