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An Everyday Pick Me Up

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So, you've finally found the capability of rising out of the chair, your tootsies meeting with soft carpeting yet, your feet seem to have a will of their own as you walk chaotically to the open door way. It is 5am and you have yet to take a shower or prepare your first cup of coffee.. You feel blah and just want to plop back down in your oversized recliner again. However, the buzzing of your watch alerts you to the fact that there is no more time for fidgeting, and procrastinating around, you have to get started on your work in less than an hour. Still no coffee nor shower. What are you waiting on?

Daily drudgery can get on a person's nerves so badly that they just simply cave in to it. This happens even when you work from home. Your aspirations and dreams seem to be sitting on a haphazard ledge in front of you, not going anywhere but seemingly down because you don't have the time to work on making them into a reality. Quit beating yourself up! You can do something to change all of that if you want too. Get organized and get your priorities together first of all. Begin a list of what is most important to you. What do you want to accomplish first, not last. Mainly, quit putting everything on a back burner, waiting for a brighter day instead of the rainy one you have right now. If you continue mopping around dragging your feet, there will be absolutely nothing positive to greet you in the future.

So, drop those things that are causing you to have the deranged headaches and raging hormonal moments. Do something just for you, what you want to do, what you are hoping to see go somewhere. So what, its 2am in the morning and your tired, so. Dreams have to have an owner, they can't make themselves come true by their lonesome. You have to decide what to put in order, and where your going to go, if anywhere. So, make a promise to yourself from this day forward. Instead of being that person sitting in that overstuffed chair, whining on about what you want and dream of but don't have, change your lifestyle, make your personality fit, and pick yourself up by your bootstraps. Do something about your life! Only you can because no one in this world is going to do it for you. Or do I need to call your Mama?
Published: 2006-04-13
Author: Misty Keith

About the author or the publisher
Misty Keith is a wife and mother of three. She has been published in many venues on the web, as well as one print publication. Currently she works for clients, assisting them with academic papers of all genres. She can write in non-fiction, fiction, horror, romance, inspirational, motivational; basically all creative styles are a familiarity for her. Creativity and Inspirational are her favorite styles.

Misty Keith

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