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apology, mistake, haircut


A notable professor in the beginning of a workshop wrote 'anxity'
instead of 'anxiety' on white board. When I pointed that out, he tried
to haggle saying that was right. You can imagine what impression I got

Do you acknowledge your mistakes? Perhaps not. Being not unlike many,
had you accepted it you would not have tried to cover it with several
other pretexts. One usually tricks umpteen of times to overcome it in
our society.

Be they the Ministers or the commoners, they hardly admit their
follies. For example, everyone knows that many of our leaders,
businessmen, bureaucrats, etc. have done series of corruptions but
they often tell several lies. Even if they are charge-sheeted, instead
of apologizing and compensating, they dare to buy lawyers and judges
and do more overt and covert scams.

It applies every sector. For example, if you do something wrong but
someone points it out or hit you, you stop your relation. Forget about
apology, you take it another way preparing for retaliation. This is
the reason why either parents or teachers do not think about their
follies and find their children responsible for every problem.

I have seen so many people who stop speaking to one another simply
because they advise them for correction. But in the West it's just the
opposite. They accept their mistakes. They often say, 'Sorry' unlike
our indifference. They fought fiercely and sometimes killed their
opponents. Nevertheless, they salute the corpse labeling their
contender brave.

A friend of mine went to take a viva test in a foreign embassy for his
visa. The interviewer didn't select him at first. However, my friend
demanded clarification. After knowing the official version, he
explained the former why he deserved that. Finally, the consular shook
warm hand with him saying he was very apt to get visa.

In our country, only thing we can do is leg-pulling. We always feel
right despite not having a single plus point. When we judge other, we
become bigoted. This is the reason why we don't get prosperity in
spite so many revolutions.

Recently, a student of mine in a class complained, 'Sir, your hair is
very long.' I felt very uncomfortable. I really was feeling guilty for
being careless. I smiled at her and apologized. The very evening I got
my hair cut. Unless we realize our mistake how can we correct other?

Published: 2007-01-01
Author: eak prasad duwadi

About the author or the publisher

Born in 1976 at Dhola-9, Dhading, Eak Prasad Duwadi now lives in Kathmandu. He’s involved in many National/International organizations. English Literature Master’s Degree holder with couple of other degrees including Mass Communications, Mr. Duwadi who has won notable awards, is a prolific writer in contemporary issues. He has been teaching in reputed Schools, colleges and university students for last ten years in Nepal. Currently, he’s a faculty in Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel.

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