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Apology to the philosophers and the Philosophy

Philosophy , Emerson, Voltaire, Kant, Spencer philosophers

Boys and girls, in vestibular exam time they sometimes feel difficulty in choosing the career which they will be devoted after having formed. Many opt for instance for the Medicine, Engineering, or Advocacy.

And many opt for the Philosophy! Being treated particularly of the Philosophy, our time would greet with satisfaction emerging of new thoughtful minds! Because a nation is not built satisfactorily without the philosopher's wise advice! The Philosophy is the foundation of the nation, because it educates your people starting from one of your segments: the ethics! When a people become barbaric, he forgot about the Philosophy. When the blood of the nations is spilled because of the war, the Philosophy screams of pain as a woman in childbirth work. Because Philosophy is synonymous of Pacifism! That happiness, then, for the young that opts for the Philosophy: in your hands it will be, hereafter, the responsibility of indicating, in your books, classes and talk the best roads for fellow creatures. A nation doesn't need nuclear weapons to grow! She needs Wisdom! She needs the philosophers' light, that is the Philosophy! To grow with health corporal, mental and spiritual! The Philosophy dislikes the brutality! And she will open your arms to all young that has philosophical vocation that will receive from return a thousand more times of that serene goddess , in satisfaction terms for living a worthy life of a citizen of the world! In the skies Emerson, Voltaire, Kant, Spencer and many other lovers of the Philosophy will be applauding those youths' entrance for the University.

Published: 2006-10-22

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My name is Adilson Pinto. I am 47 years old. I have 5 published books. I am Therapist Holístico and Journalist.

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