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Are bunks beds a good idea or not?

bunk beds

Bunk bed for boys?

I know that I want to get my daughter a new bedroom suite for her birthday this year, but I am having second thoughts about what I want to get for her. Though initially I thought I would like to get her a canopy bed, I am now leaning towards getting her some bunk beds. Though many think that these are something that boys usually have, I have seen some great ones that look like they were made for a little girl’s room. I have a feeling she may loves these.

Bunk bed for my daughter?

She wouldn’t have to have bunk beds forever if I got them for her. I can always buy her the canopy when she gets older and has more of a mind about what she really wants in her room. Bunk beds are not only functional, but for a child, they can be a lot of fun. I was always a bit scared of them when I was a girl, but overcame that when I slept on them at church camp. I have a feeling that she won’t be the least bit intimidated and will love to have them.

Practicality of bunk beds

My daughter is very outgoing, and this might mean that she has a lot of friends as she goes through school. This might mean a lot of sleepovers, and what better way to accommodate friends that with bunk beds? Not only that, she has a lot of stuffed animals that she refuses to part with, and those could occupy the bunk that she is not sleeping on at the time. Some bunk beds even come with extra storage, and in this house, that would indeed be a blessing.

Bunk beds are a good idea

I can definitely see her outgrowing bunk beds when she gets to be about twelve or so, but that would mean she could get at least five years of use out of them, if not more. If we decide to have more kids, they could then be passed down to the next. The more I think about it, the more I think that the bunk beds are a splendid idea. The only problem might be getting them inside, so I am going to look for some that can be disassembled and redone once they are in the house. Most, I think, come this way, so that shouldn’t be too hard to find. I’ll also look for some that are affordable, but not so cheap that I fear for her safety.
Published: 2007-09-18
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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